The First Footage From Amazon’S Expensive Lord Of The Rings Series – Yes, With Dark-Skinned Characters

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power series will be available on the 2nd of September at 2 pm on Amazon Prime Video, believed to be the most expensive series of multi-episodes in the history of cinema. The trailer will debut later; however, the public is invited to view the first episode of the characters in the show.

The story in Rings of Power unfolds in the Second Age. Middle-earth has seen a long period of a terrifying war and is now in relative peace. The formidable Black Enemy Morgoth has been defeated, and his accomplice Sauron has gone missing. Galadriel can track to find the last of the evil co-conspirators who killed her brother. Adventures of Frodo and Sam from the main trilogy remain many thousand years away; however, the signs of Sauron’s return are already visible.

The Rings of Power will feature familiar characters and new characters. First trailers for the show will go out on the evening of February 14 in the Super Bowl.

  • Galadriel is the commander of the Northern Armies. Alongside Galadriel on the left is Halbrand.
  • Halbrand trying to escape his past.
  • Durin IV Prince from the underground state of Khazadd-dum.
  • Dwarf Princess Disa standing at the entryway to Khazad-dum.
  • Forest Elf Arondir.
  • Bronwyn has a healing practice and is a single mom. Her shop is situated in the southern part of Middle-earth. Bronwyn has a secret affair with Arondir.
  • Elrond, a young Elf leader with ambitions for politics.
  • Elrond as well as Galadriel in the kingdom of the Elven of Lyndon.
  • Nomadic hunter.

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