The Final Fantasy VI Remaster Has Moved The Iconic Two-Dimensional Scene To 3D And Added Real Vocals

Final Fantasy VI is the newest installment of the Pixel Remaster Re-release Series. In contrast to the earlier games, which remain in their original 2-dimensional environment the world of FFVI an most famous scenes was converted into 3D, using The Octopath Traveler kind of.

In the story, the FFVI protagonists are involved in an opera. It’s a lengthy scene that includes poetry, staging, assets, and everything that would be part of the actual performance. In the original episode, due to limitations in the technology on the SNES console, the voices were substituted by audio. The fans recollected the game regardless, and in the time since its launch, there have been many live versions of the game’s opera featuring real voice actors.

The scene was modified by the Pixel Remaster. The original version was two-dimensional and was remastered now in 3D. The character sprites were flat. However, the scenery was rendered in three dimensions, and the camera appears to move freely across three axes. Similar to HD-2D is the term used by Square Enix uses to describe the look that it has created in its Octopath Traveler and Triangle Strategy.

Square Enix also stated they had confirmed that Pixel Remaster music video was sung in seven languages, namely English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. In addition, the Pixel Remaster comes with an official translation of the song into Russian, but you’ll need to listen to the music in another language.

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will begin today, on February 23rd, Computers (Steam) as well as mobile devices. The previous portions of the collection very positively.

A work of operetta from Pixel Remaster is featured in this video. You can watch the original here.

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