The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Secrets and Passcards

The problem is that it’s difficult to discover all of them by yourself with the different sights available. This list of most fascinating (in our view) hidden spots in Skyrim is useful. There are places where you will find hilarious Easter eggs, while in others, you’ll find precious loot, and a few aren’t even listed in the maps yet are worthy of a go-to.

You’ve probably encountered some; however, can you be sure that you’ve explored this world fully? For one thing, many are The Elder Scrolls’ secrets are concealed in an artistic method. Therefore, stock up on foods, potions, and equipment – there’s an extensive amount of work to do.


  • 1. Reviving birds
  • 2 The burning of Isra
  • 3 Kagrenzel
  • 4 Skywalker’s tragic fate
  • 5 Iceberg Explorer
  • 6 Windward Arc
  • 7 Peak Bard Leap
  • 8 Cold
  • 9. Lady of the Lake
  • 10 Reaper’s Den
  • 11 The abandoned boat of wealth
  • 12. Star of Azura
  • 13 Shakespearean tragedy
  • 14 The Silver Moon
  • 15. The Really Bloody Wedding
  • 16 The Demise of Spartan
  • 17 Dragons from the Forgotten Valley
  • 18 Stone, Sword
  • 19 Trail Dunmet
  • 20 Pilgrim’s Cloak, Shipwreck and 20 Pilgrim’ in the North
  • 21 Jagged Pickaxe

Living Bird

While walking across The Rift to the south to Geirmund Hall, one finds an artificial hill, on which an inexperienced necromancer has created a training time at an altar made of bones. He has a lot of things to learn because he practices on dead chickens whose carcasses are scattered throughout. Indeed, dark magic isn’t simple, and it’s sensible, smaller and less complicated.

It’s an amazing sight, but you won’t get to notice it for long. When you’re too close to the wizard, he’ll become angry and charge at you. Utilize stealth mode to observe him attempt to do it without creating conflict. It’s not a big deal to kill a necromancer, however: you could find a tutorial on witchcraft from his remains, important ingredients, and occasionally the soul stone in the basket on the altar.

The burning of Isra

The tragic tale can be found in the northern area of Skyrim, located on the south coast of Wild. The scorched earth and burnt body suggest an attack by a dragon; however, when you study the scene with greater attention, it becomes apparent that something much more sinister is happening. There’s a large number of fire Cloak spells near the body, suggesting that attempts for casting spells failed with a disastrous failure with no fire cloak; there was an explosion.

Go through the corpse and discover an item called Izra’s Necklace. If you talk to Finis Gestor in the College of Winterhold, he will inform you of how the body of Izra, an undergraduate student who was planning to study magical fire-based spells. The evidence is from the cut quest, in which the player was expected to look for missing students from the College and report their findings to Hestor. Then there is only dialogue, and the burned body on the beach remains on the screen, making the events appear more like a creepy mystery tale than just another chapter of an adventurer’s tale in an imaginary world.


Kangreisel is a place eluded by the path you’ve been on. It’s akin to the Dwemer ruin that is found in Skyrim. But Kangreisel is unique. To reach them, walk the trail through this canyon, which runs east from Ansilwund. You can get to it by walking in front of the campfire next to the tower. Before leaving, make sure you make sure to save your game.

There’s a vast area in ruins where a bright source can be seen suspended within the sky. When you touch it, you’ll be thrown into a trap: A grid will rise from the floor, and an alarm will go off, after which a gap within the floor will trigger. It will drop you into it and begin to fall, fall… Then fall for a long period and long enough to find food.

Then you will end up in a subterranean lake. There is an undiscovered treasure chest at the bottom and to the left of the exit to the water. After looking through them, walk up to the surface but be careful – while you’re there, there’ll be farmers, and they’re not exactly in a good mood. This is a place worth visiting due to the treasures to be found and the long flight down.

Skywalker’s tragic fate

This is a well-known tourist destination. However, if you do not have any idea about it, you’ll be able to ignore it. To the east in Winterhold, there is The Cold Shore Cave, and there is a defunct adventurer, or what remains of his remains. His skeleton hangs on the ceiling and is frozen, with his feet buried in the ice, while a shining sword lies beneath. The scene is in direct remark to the scene from Star Wars Episode 5 where Luke Skywalker is attacked by the local version of Bigfoot, Vampa, and is dragged into his cave where he’s suspended the same manner.

After waking awake, Luke sees that his feet have frozen into the ceiling. He utilizes the force to draw his lightsaber and lie beneath the snow. He can free himself and escape; however, this man isn’t in luck. The Force was not with the guy. But, do remember to take his sword whenever you return.

Iceberg Explorer


In the ice caps to the north and south of the Tower Stone, you can find an unusual, unmarked spot that will be particularly interesting to those curious about the series’s lore. At the top of the iceberg is a skeleton holding an uninspiring flag in an indestructible grip. Just below the skeleton are his belongings: A chest and the book. The book is one of the Heavy Armor skill books called Knights of the Nine, telling the tale of an enigmatic group of treasure hunters that set out to search for the remains of Pelinal Whitestrike, The legendary warrior and king.

Based on the place of this book, the skull likely belonged to Sir Amiel Lannus. He was the founding member of the Order of the Nine and its sole member whose fate remains unanswered by history. It could also be one or a member of the Knights who chose to follow their path; however, the original version sounds much more interesting.

Wind Arc

In the mountains to the west of the Rift lies The open-air burial ground of the Nords, The Windward Arc. It’s not simple to access; however, if you’re searching for someone you can fight, it’s worth it because there are always the most powerful enemies in the vicinity. Most of the time, it’s just a few dragons, but sometimes there are Dragon Priests. But they’re always joined by an advanced dragon, and if you’re level greater than 78, you’ll be able to find an uncommon Legendary Dragon.

After battling enemies, look around for the treasure chest and The Wall of Words, which contains among the Cry Words “sucking life energy.” There are plenty of trophies to collect from dead bodies, and the tower’s observation deck aren’tviews aren’t good. It’s an excellent spot to visit; however,you’ll need to plan for a long time before visiting for lower-level players.

Bard’s Leap Peak

Bard’s Leap Peak isn’t an undiscovered location; rather, the reverse is true. The location itself conceals an undiscovered secret that’s very easy to miss. Take the parapet to the bottom of the bridge above the waterfall and ensure you are safe before jumping in the river. If you’re lucky, you’ll engage in a dialogue with the ghost, who will play the lute beneath.

This is not a coincidence. It’s the bard Azzadal for whom the peak is believed to be named. The bard will recount the time he was killed trying to complete the same leap and then be amazed that someone did it successfully. After speaking with the bard eloquence level will rise by two points. It is an incentive for you to leap and listen. This is not bad, even if you don’t pay attention to the poor man’s bones floating about.



This location, which is not marked, is to the north of College of Winterhold and far enough away to be only a stone’s throw away from the border of the globe. It’s unlikely you’ll come across it except if you are detained in this region. Cold is Winterhold’s prison. However, unlike other prisons, escaping isn’t too difficult. There aren’t casemates and no guards from the military, the walls aren’t concrete, and it’s simply a frozen cave surrounded by old cages. The guards will not even remove your personal belongings.

The area isn’t particularly impressive in terms of medals and is a bit disappointing since the location is not well-known. If you’re looking to travel and learn about interesting things, it’s worthwhile trying to reach there. The only problem is that you cannot go there on your own; Winterhold is so boring that you’d need to work hard to avoid being detained. Also, beware of Ice Atronachs. They might not be regular guards in prison; however, it doesn’t mean that you’re unsupervised.

Lady of the Lake

“West of Waitran is a lake where an unidentified skeleton holds an arm with a sword above the water. The location isn’t on the maps, and it might take some time to locate it. It is a reference to The Lady of Lake who, in a legend, provided King Arthur his blade Excalibur in a like manner.

The blade is not distinctive by any means. It’s just a tied sword whose properties depend on the level you’re at when you receive it. It’s unlikely to replace your preferred weapon, but as a prize, it’s fascinating. It’s a fascinating fact that, when you grab the sword, the hands will fall apart while the bones stay at the bottom until the game’s conclusion instead of dissolving like the usual with corpses. It was, however, an extremely appropriate choice by the game’s creators to draw inspiration from the genre of fantasy that was one of the main sources that inspired The Elder Scrolls in this manner.

The Reaper’s Lair

The boss’s secret identity can only be located in the first Skyrim expansion, The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. The Reaper’s den is located within Cairn of Souls, an area that can be found during The Chasing the Past quest. Cairn of Souls is a vast area and requires a lot of time to explore, which means the Reaper could easily be overlooked.

Find the area to find three shards of Reaper Stone. When you’re looking for them, you’ll hear wandering souls saying, “shh it’s him watching us!” Once you’ve found all the shards, head to the east, passing the large stone wall, and eventually, you’ll see the Lair of Reaper appear right in front of you. You’ll be able to lay the shards on the altar; following that, they will be reclaimed by the Reaper is revealed, an apparition of a boss with eyes that are burning red disguised as an executioner. If you can defeat him, you’ll receive the Daedra’s Heart, the black soulstones, and the ax that the boss used to kill him.

The lost boat of wealth

If Easter eggs and pop references to culture aren’t your things, There’s always the option of searching for hidden treasures. Go to the Kolskeggr mine, located on the edge of Markarth. Near the river’s bend, you’ll find an abandoned boat laden with valuables waiting to be found by the treasures.

There are a lot of treasures all over the boat. Be careful not to throw them into the sea. There is also the apothecary’s pouch, which is full of alchemical elements, and the safe is also filled with valuable treasures. There’s more to say that there is also a treasure box at the bottom of the river. There’s nothing else there – it’s an undiscovered location to make wealthy fast and is not a tourist attraction or a secret piece of history for the interested.

Star of Azura

Once you’ve completed your Black Star quest, the opportunity to visit this special location is only once. This quest is about the Star of Azura, an artifact that can store souls. After the adventure, Dragonborn is transported inside this object to battle Meylin Varen, and her soul is also found to be in the area. Inside this star, there is a strange crystal-like dimension that resembles in appearance to that of the Citadel of Solitude from the classic Superman films.

There’s not much of anything valuable there – all you’ll see is Meylin and, if you’re lucky, his guards. However, the location itself is unique enough that any traveler must visit it for them. After completing this quest, you’ll be able to keep the Star and make use of it as a soul stone. This isn’t a bad reward for anything.

Shakespearean tragedy

The north of the old Chroldan Tavern, another story that has a tragic end, is waiting for you. Nearby is a tiny resting spot close to the place where wild animals killed two people’s bodies. The entries in the diary found in the area make it obvious that they were Karana and Talvur lovebirds whose bliss wasn’t meant to be realized.

Carana is the child of a rich Markarth family, and she desired to marry Talwar, who was a miner from the disadvantaged. Her father certainly would not approve of her relationship with a man of the poorer classes, and so she decided to marry her love to Riften and lead a happily ever after. But fate was not so kind which instead of leading a new life; they were destined to die.

Explore the stump in the back of the tent, and you’ll discover Talwur’s savings and some things. If you return to the campsite after a few days, you’ll discover that the bodies have vanished, and a shrine dedicated to Mara Skyrim’s goddess for love is visible at the scene of the couple’s deaths.

Silver Moon

Silver Moon Silver Moon, an old merchant vessel, has discovered its final resting spot at the end of Lake Ilinata south of the Lady Stone. The exact location isn’t indicated on the map. However, you can determine that there’s something beneath the water based on the portion of the mast that is sticking out of the water. As per Riverwood residents, the shipwreck occurred a long time ago, and no person remembers the date when the ship was still within the water.

It’s not often logical to swim underwater in a game; however, it is rare occasions when swimming is beneficial. There are numerous fish and food items on this ship. Additionally, there’s an inside chest. The cabin of the captain will find an ax or an ax. The rest of the ship’s captains are also found there. He’ll be happy keeping the weapons to your use.

A bloody wedding indeed!

In the Dark Brotherhood’s quest, titled “Till the end of time,” the player uninvitedly attends the wedding reception of Vittoria Vici, the imperial noblewoman he’s been assigned to be able to kill. The mission could be accomplished in various ways: kill the targets quickly and quietly or murder in front of the guests. It is also possible to make it appear as an accident. But the Brotherhood provides its approach that some might have overlooked.

There is a pillar in front of the balcony, where the newlyweds are seated. This can be reached through a door located in the northwestern corner. You will receive a present from Gabriella the bride, an enchanted bow called Death of Firiniela, arrows for it, and an ingredient that temporarily boosts your shooting skills. There are various easy options to complete this quest; you could never have heard of this unique weapon and concealed shooting position.

The death of the Spartan

In the mountains to the west from Cartwasten in the west of Cartwasten, there’s a small canyon where a dead saber-tooth is lying, with an instrument hanging from its body. In its front, close to it is the human skeleton. It is an Easterling that refers to the film 300, particularly the scene where young Leonidas is fighting off the predatory wolf.

With his only spear, The Spartan King killed the beast by securing it between two stone walls. Leonidas survived. However, this adventurer had bad luck. It’s funny. However, it appears like the skeleton fell off a cliff and hit his head during the fall. It wasn’t the most heroic of deaths. However, it was possible to overcome the sword tooth.

Dragons of the Forgotten Valley

Crossing an ice-covered lake can be an extremely scary and nerve-wracking experience, particularly if two dragons suddenly emerge from the ice with clearly malicious motives. The mission “Touching the Sky” (only available in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard) leads players to a glacial valley that was once ruled by snow-elves. If you don’t take the time to investigate the region, you could overlook several fascinating things, such as the frozen lake’s mysteries.

In the middle of the lake, a stone has an inscription from the Words of the Cry “sucking out vital energy” written on it. If you know the phrase, you’ll be confronted by two dragons of noble blood, Naslarum, and Voslarum. But, they’ll appear even if you stroll towards the middle of the lake. Dragons are formidable foes, and the presence of two at once is a challenge. Beware of dive attacks. Dragons are known to plunge under the ice, then dive return, trying to knock your feet off. Once you’re done, go to the middle of the lake to retrieve your treasure chest, which no one is guarding.

The Sword and the Stone

Another connection to the stories of King Arthur is more well-known than the one before. To the west to the east of Cartwasten, there is Rebel’s Cairn, a cave connected to the quest “To find the Sword of the Red Eagle.” There’s a massive sword hanging from the rock at the entrance, and a heap of human remains atop the. It’s a pretty obvious spot, and you’ll be able to discover it on accident, even without any quest.

Based on the number of people in the tomb, quite a handful of people wanted to use the sword or even attempt to pull it out of the stone, and no one was willing to let this chance to anyone other. The reference’s visual appeal is impressive; however, the sword is revealed to be a normal steel sword with no additional characteristics. It, however, isn’t able to grant you the ability to claim the power of Skyrim. What is the reason all the blood in the world has been shed?

The Dunmet Trail

The Dunnet Trail doesn’t outwardly seem like a landmark at any point. It’s not visible on a map, and there’s no interest here. It’s just a narrow path through endless wildness. But, those who are true fans of the series will appreciate why this is important. The path runs to the east of Windhelm, and it’s the only secure method of getting across the Velothi Mountains to the adjacent province of Skyrim, which is Morrowind, where the events of 2002’s Game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowing took place.

Before what happened in Skyrim, Morrowind experienced a catastrophe dubbed”the Red Year. The moon fell to the ground, causing massive destruction and an eruption of Red Mountain. The entire province was badly damaged, and many of the survivors left for Skyrim for safety from the effects of the catastrophe. Because of the Dunnet Trail, refugees were allowed to connect with relatives and friends who had been left in Morrowind and talk to their relatives, which is why the closest location marked is known as Refugee’s Haven. Despite its unassuming appearance, this trail has significant significance in history.

The Pilgrim’s Cloak of the Pilgrim and Shipwreck in the North

The northern part of Skyrim is filled with hidden locations and hidden places; as an instance, the wreckage remains located here and throughout the region. Some of them are listed on the maps. However, the numerous remainder can be discovered by yourself. If you’re looking to dive deep, The Pilgrim’s Clark is worth looking.

This spot (located to the northwest of Winterhold) appears empty at the surface. The underwater world is fascinating. There is a complete cemetery of wrecks. Be aware that you’ll need to dive deep. Ensure that you carry some aqua breath potions or other items with the right magic. The water is likely muddy and dark initially, making for a dark and threatening atmosphere. However, visibility will increase when you get to the lowest point, and navigation will become effortless.

Jagged Pickaxe

You have likely heard of this location; however, it is odd not to include this in our selection. The summit of the most awe-inspiring peak found in Throat of the World is the exclusive jagged Pickaxe. It’s long-distance to drive to get there, but you’ll be rewarded with an extremely valuable item, and you’ll get a great view of the area.

It’s only accessible following you complete the “Throat of Peace” quest. However, it is possible to climb through other methods with some skills. However you make it to the highest point, the pickaxe can add 5 levels of blacksmithing skills and can cause electric damage when used as a weapon. After you’ve acquired the tool, you can immediately test it on the nearby ore veins.

The pickaxe, dubbed “Notched Pickaxe” in the English version, refers to Minecraft Creator Markus Persson, better known as Notch. Pickaxes are among the primary tools used in Minecraft, a game he developed and is also one of the main symbols.

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