The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Test

But, in between what happened in the original RPG and the latest extension, The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, After, it’s been 800 years have passed, and even with all the familiarity, certain things have changed. But, specific locations and areas remind us of the past. For instance, the city on the coast of Leyawin has impressive buildings. There is also a “reunion” of sorts with Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon, who is planning the invasion of Tamriel and is, naturally, required to be prevented.

Friendly Assistance

One of the significant advancements that TESO: Blackwood brings with it could be its companion system. Through the story, you’ll encounter two characters: Bastian Mirri and Bastian Mirri. They will ask you for a favor, and you will be able to do however you like. If you win their trust and they agree to join you, they’ll be your faithful partners in your (online) adventure. But, they are more than just staffage or a boost to your personality.

You can provide the players with weapons and armor to boost their strength and combat abilities. In addition, they can be equipped with a (manageable) skills tree. Like the main character, they can accumulate experience points and gain access to various skills. This means that it is a more advanced development of your feelings, and you can also modify them to meet your requirements simultaneously.

If, for instance, you require a tank to catch the attention of your enemies as you take care of your injuries at a safe distance, the task could be assigned to your teammate. Of course, if you’re on the other side, you’re more dependent on support in the form of hands that heal. But, again, it’s an issue due to the appropriate abilities. With a certain amount of time, they can take over human players and help you through more challenging situations like examinations.

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However, this logic has its limits. However, this doesn’t apply in the same way to the more challenging tasks of the TESO: Blackwood. In these cases, a large group of other players is required. However, it’s a fantastic feature that can positively impact your playing. It’s a shame you can’t create an intimate relationship with your friends. There aren’t many genuine moments of emotion when you’re with them.

This is the way that your entry should appear.

Another feature introduced by TESO: Blackwood is especially useful for those new to the game and returning players. For instance, now you can choose when you’ve completed the tutorial, and you’ll discover yourself in a space with several portals. Anyone who participated in World of Warcraft in recent years will know what to expect from this game.

As of now, you’ll also have the option in TESO in which direction you would like to take your journey after the tutorial. An established direction does not bind you. But, it comes with a minor disadvantage: You can enter the portal only once and only take this decision once. Returning with a new decision isn’t available at present, at least.

We’ll also discuss the other content that has been added to the game. Most importantly, the more knowledgeable players should be pleased with the brand’s latest test, “Felshain” It is made for up to twelve players and offers several challenging games. However, the effort is well worthwhile, as you will not only receive new gear and a great mount to reward. In addition, there are additional world bosses, a variety of open dungeons, and an innovative system that rewards you for completing daily and weekly tasks that will keep you motivated for the long haul.

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But, Blackwood has several things to complain about concerning the TESO system. Although the expansive new location may be, it provides slight variation in the long term. Although there are particular highlights, there are no specific events and places or even an unspoken sense of monotony. The story itself did not convince us entirely as we’d like to have seen a brand new character. Minor things such as the absence of information on events displayed on the map and the bug still in the main game can cause the corners of our mouths to turn.

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