The Elder Scrolls Online: The High Island Test

The main strength of the expansion is evident immediately, as with previous developments, the developers can inspire by telling a tale that is as deep as it is entertaining. The story revolves around a sweeping peace deal among the three main factions. The peace, however, begins to unravel due to a traumatic incident. An entity that was not fully understood initially is determined to undermine the peace process, and, of course, you must get to the root of it.

Also, with High Isles, For the card players in your life.

The creators aren’t planning to play around with the game too much. The new card game “Stories of Glory” is a game that is playable against an AI or human players and will cause more controversy. Introducing cards is a refreshing modification, but you’ll have to work through the complicated rules first. In addition, the games aren’t played like they do in Gwent or Hearthstone and can take up to 30 or 20 minutes. Thus, the story of the triumph isn’t ideal for playing casually.

It’s good to know that there’s fresh content to take away from the table that will entertain you. Particularly noteworthy are the volcanoes you must manage when playing the games. First, you’ll need to get rid off waves of foes before you concentrate on vents. A mark on the overview map indicates the exact location of these vents and volcanoes. Are situated. This helps you begin quickly. In addition, more than a dozen new adventures await you, through which you’ll be able to fight with your friends – bosses and lucrative rewards. Another interesting and perhaps as difficult is “Grey Sail Reef,” a brand new challenge that can accommodate up to 12 players. It’s impossible to make it far without teamwork or coordinated actions.

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You are playing on Nice islands adventure.

The upgrade also offers nothing to complain about in terms of technical aspects. It’s still quite impressive what creators of ZeniMax Online Studios get out of their aging engine. It’s not likely to be a miracle in this regard, but visually, High Isle is quite impressive, thanks to its numerous and well-detailed locations. Additionally, the voice acting of the characters is again remarkable. This is a massive part of the mood created by the MMO.


  • Fantastic tale.
  • Card game offers more variety
  • huge scale
  • beautiful places
  • Other companions are also very popular
  • simple entry
  • excellent soundtrack


  • There aren’t any groundbreaking developments.
  • Card games sometimes quite time-consuming
  • PvP is not part of
  • No changes in the gameplay mechanics


  • XXS

  • PS5

  • One

  • PS4
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