The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes (House of Ashes) Review

It’s nice to know that Supermassive Games is open to criticism Every game that comes out of The Dark Pictures Anthology gets better, removing controversial gameplay choices and introducing new gameplay mechanics. The third chapter in the collection, House of Ashes, has a more lively feel than the slower Man of Medan and Little Hope. There are however some flaws. Find out more about our review.

  • Producer: Supermassive Games
  • Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe
  • Please enter the date: October 22, 2021

Man from Medan told the story of a spooky ghost ship. Little Hope takes place in a town populated by monsters and witches. House of Ashes takes us to the ruin of an old Sumerian temple where blood-sucking creatures have been awakened.

The incident took place in Iraq in 2003. In Iraq, a group from U.S. special forces is investigating the location of the potential mass weapon destruction repository. The soldiers are surrounded by Iraqi military The soldiers fight however, soon both sides are pushed into the ground, and they find more terrifying then chemical warfare.

As opposed to previous episodes in the story, this threat is real , and the monsters aren’t just something that is merely a figment of the heroes their imagination. The reason for this is that their heads are torn off in real. But, they are being fought by fighters with training and the intensity is increased, and in the dark caves, they more often talk rifles and not human beings.

The norm for an anthology is that we are presented with five characters with their own distinct personality. Chief Officer Rachel King, played by the movie actor Ashley Tisdale, is bossy and tough. This does not stop her from displaying a little softer side of character. It’s is it any wonder since she’s caught in a love triangle between her the ex-husband Eric and Sergeant Nick.

In the meantime, a an intolerant and confident In the meantime, intolerant and confident Intelligence Lieutenant Jason Kolcheck is forced to work with a former foe, Iraqi infantryman Salim, who is also a fugitive.

If the characters are able to come to a common understanding, avoid conflictand join when faced with the dangers is entirely your decision. It is important to note that the Dark Pictures Anthology series is not just about horror however, it is also about connections between characters, that are more crucial than the capability to quickly hit the buttons to perform QTE. The dialogues provide a range of options (and often silence is the best option) but they also cause unexpected consequences. A positive speech can inspire your companion, while an order that is firm will help you follow through without thinking.

In the same way, the actions of the player can affect the progress that the narrative. Some are less, some more. For instance, in my walkthrough, the characters decided to hold off due to their wounded friend, and due to this, didn’t assist an accomplice: at the most crucial moment the character died, without having to wait for assistance. My first trip underground resulted in the death 3 of my characters and the developers created more than 60 unique deaths – meaning there’s room for improvement and replayability. The possibilities for replayability is huge. As is the norm, you are able to save the heroes in all of them however, you also have the option of losing all of them. And every outcome is determined by the game’s scenario.

Spoiler: Solutions could produce unexpected results.
In one of the scenes, for instance, Eric tries to hold Rachel by the rope above the chasm. The game hinted at possible cutting of the rope however, logic tells you that it’s not advisable to do this or else the girl would be killed. Rachel is thrown into the abyss and is able to escape. If you don’t know about it, you’ll take every effort to save your heroine, however, as it is revealed, the threat for her is a myth.
The old Sumerian temple, which was surrounded by caves and a system of caves is an extremely monotonous site of activity. Thus, exploring it was a bit boring. Furthermore, the creators seldom allow us to explore the area and, in the episodes that do allow us to explore the location, they are known to strip off the opportunity following a set time period (or trigger) activation. If there are many active locations in a room however, it’s often difficult to discern which can trigger the cutting scene to propel the story forward. This is a major issue for collectors who wish to gather all the papers, notes, and secret information in one session.

The previous sections of the anthology had been criticised for their weak action dynamics The action was developed slow, and the script contained a large number of filler scenes, artificially expanding the story. With House of Ashes the authors have taken these criticisms into consideration and accelerated the action There are some unnecessary scenes that could be removed (such as character altercations that are almost never in the story) However, overall the action is more rapid and the story continuously alters genres from body-horror to thriller and even seifai.

The fixed camerathat although it was an imitation of classic horror films however, was extremely uncomfortable, is now a time-worn feature: the camera can now be rotated 360 degrees, which allows you to see your surroundings more deeply. The active objects are lit up, and the light that was shown in the characters provides the opportunity to look at deeper into the dark that is the caverns.

The option of difficulty levels was introduced to this game however, it’s not easy to finish the entire QTE on medium. But the game is devoted to mistakes, and doesn’t punish just one or two errors. But it’s sometimes best to avoid QTEs as but not all the options are the best ones. There are a few things to do that are available in House of Ashes, and prior to the test, there are clues, indicating that you must be prepared. In the cutscenes, it is recommended to not put your gamepad away because the QTE could appear at the center of the movie.

As with previous versions from The Dark Pictures collection, House of Ashes can be played out with a group of friends. There’s a multiplayer mode in which players play different characters simultaneously as well as local “Movie Parties” mode in which two to five people select characters and alternate taking control of them, and handing one another the controls whenever the episode is changed.

Director’s Cut mode was not available by the announcement, however it will be available on release: it allows players to play the story again with various characters, cutscenes and even choices. You’re unlikely to do more than five reruns, particularly with memorable cutscenes, however, a few times to get through House of Ashes with new plot elements is very realistic.

The game is among the very first that has a native version designed that is compatible with next-gen consoles and it looks stunning on the PS5 With high-quality textures, speedy loadouts with 4K resolution. The settings menu lets players can choose between quality and performance modes. I suggest the first one: there’s no change in the quality of the picture however the frame rate gets more stable. Support for features like gamepad DualSense unfortunately it did not include the gamepad DualSense: there is virtually nothing to shake and triggers are not engaged in the gameplay.

In closing, I’d like to talk about the acting and the Russian voiceovers of the characters. It was surprising that Rachel King, played by the most well-known actress in the part of the anthology was the least convincing and her dubbing caused Spanish embarrassment due to her infrequent lack of intonation.

It’s a good thing that the Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes was an error it was a solid follow-up to the original and then a good game, though not too scary, but enjoyable enough to make you want to play through the final chapter, or perhaps another rerun. Supermassive Games isn’t about to cease working on the anthology. The next installment, as per the permanent Guardian promises that it will be “more homegrown”-a indication of the setting of the game to come.

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