The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes Guide – How to Save Everyone and Get a Good Ending

Within House of Ashes, like the other games from The Dark Pictures Anthology, it’s extremely difficult to save all of the characters. Each of them is determined to end their lives in the most bizarre manner possible. We’ve collected guidelines to help you reach a satisfying conclusion to the game by escaping fully and earning an achievement or the Golden Path achievement/trophy.

To ensure the highest quality end, it is essential to correctly make educated decisions and complete QTEs. These are the steps you must follow:

  • In chapter Raid chapter in the Raid chapter, don’t shoot the shepherd fleeing;
  • In the Chapter “Temple,” cut the rope in the chapter “Temple” in the chapter “Temple” and in the chapter “Temple” let Rachel plunge into the depths, and she will make it through the fall.
  • within the story “After in the chapter “After the Fall” in the chapter “After the Fall,” playing Salim, successfully complete QTE in the chapter “After the Fall” when he escapes the monster and is aware of their vulnerability to sunlight
  • In chapter “Assassin” Chapter, scour the scene to locate the medical kit that was used in the “Assassin” chapter;
  • In the chapter “Truce” in the chapter “Truce,” you in the chapter “Truce,” when you meet Salim in the chapter “Truce,” as Nick, select the option to support him after you have discussed the monsters. Also, in this chapter, successfully complete QTE when you are able to sneak over the monster.
  • within the book “Bloodbath” don’t help the infected Clarissa to leap over the gap;
  • In “The “Signal” Chapter, the characters are faced with monsters, in the “Signal” chapter, you choose to fight instead of retreating. Make sure to kill as many creatures as you can to make subsequent encounters much easier.
  • In the “Attack” chapter in the “Attack” chapter, when Balatu is approaching in the “Attack” chapter, choose the crucifix instead of the rifle. In the chapter “Attack,” assuming the role of Salim, shoot the monster that is attacking Rachel. Before you escape, choose the option for saving Eric and not retreat.
  • The characters in chapter “Strange Aeons” in the chapter “Strange” do nothing in the chapter “Strange Aeons” do nothing when Rachel takes out knives to make use of White phosphorus. In the dialogues, choose the despair option two times in one row. Complete your QTE by setting the explosives. If Salim is forced to choose between caution and assertiveness, choose assertiveness. Then, complete The Questionnaire at the time Clarissa is seen.
  • In the final round, you must be able to complete the whole of the questions..

This is all you need to rescue the heroes from House of Ashes. Good luck!”

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