The Creators Of Days Gone Were Offered To Restart The Syphon Filter But The Game Director Wanted To Do It In The Open World

The director of the game Days Gone Jeff Ross has left Sony and is now openly recounts stories about his professional experience. For instance, after his bosses would not allow him to make Days Gone 2 The game team was thinking of ideas for future projects that could be adapted for other franchises.

Ross discussed this during the David Jaffe stream. Then there was a report on the way Sony came up against with the Day Gone 2 pitch:

I believe the concept was already dead. The idea was directly considered at the management level at the studio but didn’t seem to be able to move much beyond that. The pitch was viewed by the lens of “Part One was a complete failure in many ways, and was not a huge success” as well as “Let’s keep the team working.”

It was evident that we should not discuss Days Gone as we proposed the next idea. It was evident that the idea couldn’t be pulled off. There wasn’t anything in the pitches for Days Gone 2 that would entice the local manager or boss. It’s most likely an artistic team’s failure. It’s a fight against the best forces.

Then Sony Bend decided to approach the issue from a different angle:

We inquired, “And what franchises can be used?” The only choice came up as Syphon Filter. However, honestly, I have no intention of arranging a Syphon Filter restart. I wasn’t even keen on it. It was as if they tried to keep us entertained by saying, “Hey guys, why should you think of something using Syphon Filter as we think about which ideas we’d like to hear in the pitch?” So I’m guessing that the suggestion to reboot Syphon Filterwasn’t sincere.

Illustration from the front cover of Syphon Filter 2.

It can be extremely frustrating for the fans to hear the phrases: Syphon Filter is a kin of Sony Bend. It was because of Syphon Filter for the very first PlayStation the game Bend (then named the Eidetic) became a part of the Sony family. to the top of the line and was later incorporated into part of the internal Sony group.

Sony Bend had the right people at the right time: when the studio was considering what they could do following Days Gone, there was John Garvin, designer, writer, and artist from Syphon Filter. Syphon Filter series. However, it appears that Garvin was not enthralled by the thought of a reboot, and in December 2020, he resigned from Sony Bend and joined the company in the form of Jeff Ross.

The period that followed

Days gone

Ross was eager to take on Resistance, an assortment of PlayStation 3, PSP, and PS Vita exclusives launched from 2006 until 2012.

I suggested that we make the Resistance in an open world. That could be amazing. We’d thought of so many game modes in an open universe… Resistance was the perfect fit for this: many franchise elements can be easily incorporated in open-world gaming.

The pitch was not appealing to anyone else. I’m not sure what the sales were for Resistancefor Resistance]. It was like the bosses were looking for anything else that Days Gone 2..

Sony Bend was already working on Resistance in 2009 when the studio announced the spin-off Resistance Retribution for the PSP. Retribution scored 81 from 100 in Metacritic.

It seems that the PlayStation Bend has a bright future in the end: the studio is now working in an open world with new intellectual property. This isn’t Days Gone 2 however, the gameplay of Days Gone 1 Days Gone in the new game is still in place.

Stream on Jeff Ross.

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