The Consequences Of The Cyberpunk 2077 Nextgen Patch Discounts Crashes And Increased Minimum Requirements

CD Project Red is finally releasing an update to Cyberpunk 2077 that introduces the non-xtgen version the game, as well as a number of enhancements. The patch is large and will be supported by several different events.

Minimum Requirements Increase

Within the listing of modifications CD Project Red has buried one issue that is a concern for owners of older PCs. -Now the Cyberpunk 2077 is more demanding on system requirements.

  • The company has stopped support of NVIDIA 700 series graphics cards since they are no longer receiving driver updates.
  • On June 15th, 2022 the support of Windows 7 will end.

The OS has limited DirectX 12 capabilities, and graphic card makers will cease the driver’s release for Windows 7.

The system requirements have been grown to Windows 10 and GeForce GTX 970. The game is still able to be played with configurations that are lower than the minimum requirements; however, tests for GeForce 700 series are not being conducted anymore, and updates after July 15 Cyberpunk 2077 might not be able to run into Windows 7 at all.

New crashes

Following the installation of patch 1.5, some players began complaining that the game would not begin to play. CD Project Red is currently looking into the following issues:

  • In PS4 The disc-based version of the game stopped working.
  • When playing on PC, the game will crash when it starts due to sound-related programs. For a temporary solution, The developers recommend turning off A-Volute Nahimic Sonic Studio and Nahimic Sonic Studio drivers if you own any.

In the same article in the same post, the developers said that they are examining some new suggestions from the audience:

  • Transfer of saved files across PS4 as well as PS5.
  • FPS increases in Xbox Series S, where currently you aren’t able to use performance mode and get 60 frames per second.

It guarantees the requests that they both succeed, CD Projekt RED isn’t able to provide as of yet.

Reviews on Steam following patch 1.5 are 75%, largely the same as before. The update is highly praised, while some reviews complain about crashes upon launch. These are likely the same issues that CD Projekt Red write about.


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The promotion is available up to March. It is important to note that a five-hour game trial variant available for Cyberpunk 2077 is also available for consoles of the last generation.

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