The Big Story Of The Problematic Production Of Battlefield 2042 According To An Insider

Insider Tom Henderson has released a video in which the actor reveals behind-the scenes details of the issues in Battlefield 2042. He has uncovered the whole sequence of events, from the initial stages of development up to the present-day development in Battlefield.

In short, Henderson highlights three of the major issues with the BF2042:

  • A difficult transition to the new versions of Frostbite.
  • The team of developers was not experienced and veterans were departing DICE in the course of Battlefield V.
  • COVID-19.

More detailed extracts below.


In the early stages of development of the BF2042 game within DICE the scenario was the following:

      • A number of important developers quit EA or DICE when they produced Battlefield V. Most of them joined the newly created Embark Studios. It was officially established in November 2018, but the reason for that was a result of non-competition contracts–it was one of the conditions of dismissal.
      • It was discovered it was because BF2042 was not a team of experienced developers, says Henderson.
      • A lot of people quit due to a single reason – they didn’t have enough creativity freedom. They frequently had innovative ideas in their work However, they wanted to compete with their competition in the marketplace, not to break new ground.
      • One of the projects that was cancelled among the ones that were cancelled was Battlefield 4, a game featuring dinosaurs, co-op games in with the idea of GTFO in GTFO as well Bad Company 3. The latter was canceled due to EA believed that it would not sell enough.

The pre-production of the game BF2042 Concepts and ideas which will be the basis for the game was discussed. EA has set it sights on the lucrative market that is royal combat. In November of 2018, the scenario was:

      • EA EA was already working on Firestorm to be used in BfV. However, the sales for the original game weren’t considered to be good enough, and so the estimates for the mod were in the negative. In addition to the departure of a lot of key employees and key players, it was obvious that Firestorm was on the verge of end.
      • Apex Legends had not yet been launched, however there were some concerns about the game: It was slated launch with a risky approach to marketing and would be coming out without any direct link to the popular franchise. The threads of Titanfall could only be known to those who have the highest loyalty to Titanfall.

EA was already in the beginning stages of developing BF2042 advised developers to basically, copy the game that is currently popular on the market: royal battles. This is why there are two aspects of the game include the tech challenge and dodger switching system. The former, as described in Henderson’s original source of DICE will perfectly fit into royal combat, in which there are dodges that occur right in the game’s course.

The problem with Frostbite and Frostbite overlapped

    • DICE released Battlefield every two years. Because of the busy schedule the studio didn’t have the time to transition production to the most recent version of their own Frostbite engine. For instance, BFV (game of 2018) is based off version of Frostbite that was released in 2016.
  • The designers should not have any issues with the switch to a new version of their engine. However, according to Henderson mentions the majority of the personnel with a solid background in Frostbite quit the company. The switch towards the latest engine did not take 6 months, as was initially set out, but took an additional 18 months.

We had to perform lots of re-work through the development process, including 18 months during which we translated the BF into the engine we had developed. Because of the constant turnover of DICE, the skilled individuals who developed and constructed these systems are no longer employed at DICE.

An ex DICE employee has a dialogue in conversation with Henderson

February 2019

  • The launch of Apex Legends -it was a massive success in the beginning as well EA eventually landed some in the battle royale game market. However, the company didn’t know for sure how long this game would be a success so the production of Battlefield trademark “battle royale” continued.
  • Major modifications in BF2042 were not able to be seen until the latter half of 2019 and in the early 2020s.

The beginning of 2020

According to Henderson claims that this was the moment that the classes of the past were eliminated from the BF2042. A number of reasons are:

  • Bosses from EA ensured they ensured that Apex Legends continued to make huge money by using characters instead of names for soldiers.
  • In addition, Activision they also began to push Activision into Call of Duty.
  • DICE data indicated that the characters from Battlefield V were more engaged with players than the extensive customization found in the previous Battlefield.
  • Lootboxes started to draw unwelcome scrutiny from agencies of the state, and EA sought an alternative source of income.

This is the way the specialists of the BF2042 specialists arrived.

The first concepts of soldiers in BF2042 specialists with an individuality they’ve not changed into.

March 2020

  • The COVID-19 pandemic started.
  • EA started transferring an extensive portion of employees to work at home. This made it more difficult to create the BF2042.
  • One of the challenges was that the company had to change to a different version of the software since the process was not completed. The changes were implemented to Frostbite daily, which meant employees had to continue downloading updates. While in the office, the process was quick, but it can take a long time to download and install on a home network, says Henderson.
  • The second issue

If you’re creating an all-platform game on your own, you should find it intriguing. If it’s console-based, if all developers have the console, then you’ll be able to manage.

This is how you can solve issues on five platforms. It’s an endless pain. The standard message in Slack is, “Can someone using PS5 check this change out to me?” It’s a joke.

The current DICE employee has a discussion about Henderson Henderson

April-August 2020

  • The most significant change in the development of the game BF2042 was was that the game was no longer Battle Royale and shifted to the more conventional Battlefield.
  • The battle royale was redesigned to Hazard Zone mode. They were planning to release it as an independent game that was free to play like Call of Duty: Warzone however, they renounced these plans after a while.
  • Henderson states that it was following the launch in Warzone the game was released that EA took the decision not to develop the game BF2042 a true Battle Royale.

August 2020

  • The start of post-production- all concepts formulated, the game would no longer fundamentally alter the concepts behind the game.
  • The real-time production Battlefield 2042 was just one and three months, a extremely short amount of time for an action game that has the range that is Battlefield as well as but with a major issue in the form COVID-19.

February 2021

  • In a letter to the investors EA Director Andrew Wilson said that the Battlefield team is far over its production date.
  • Based on Henderson interlocutors, this claim was based upon an imagined calendar, not an actual. The people who created the schedule didn’t have enough knowledge – they claimed they believed that the alpha build to be put together during February or March, however the truth is that it didn’t get assembled until September.

March-September 2021

  • All resources available include Criterion Games as well as the team of tech experts that ought to be working on Frostbite and not creating Frostbite, have been thrown into development.

In my entire time working at EA In all my years at EA, I’ve never witnessed a full studio stop working on a project to finish another project on time.

Present EA Employee is in discussion in conversation with Henderson

  • The issues that developers knew prior to the launch, was interface. Henderson doesn’t seem to be sure that the interface is so bad however, he suggests that the reason is due to cuts in DICE and the third-party firm Netlight which was hired to create the UI.

August 2021

  • DICE ran a test of technicality which revealed how the game had fallen into a bad condition. In the end, the tests only added to the already chaotic gameplay.
  • The developers requested some time to finish the BF2042 however, plans have been moved only one or two weeks.


  • Henderson believes that the event that DICE were granted an additional year, things would have turned out better, and the players would have had a great game.
  • Next Battlefield will believed to be going towards the exact same path. an action game with characters where there aren’t even armies fighting however, but crowds of these exact people.
  • “The Battlefield universe,” which EA has recently begun to talk about is likely to add more depth to the expert community and plans for a full-blown battle royale are in place (although at least for the about six months, this game won’t be able to).
  • DICE is listening to user feedback and has admitted a number of mistakes in BF2042..

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