The best and worst dungeons of WoW Classic

The players within World of Warcraft argue about all sorts of things, including game mechanics and complicated stories. The most talked-about discussion is about the dungeons. The question is: which ones are most effective and which ones aren’t and what is the reason?”

A typical group of five players will play a dungeon, and their experiences may differ according to class. We have a few thoughts about the top and worst dungeons from the original edition of World of Warcraft.


  • 1 Best
  • 2 Dead Mines
  • 3 Zul’Farrak
  • 4. Monastery of the Scarlet Order
  • 5 The deepest parts of Black Mountain
  • 6. Fortress of the Dark Fang
  • 7 Worst
  • Eight Labyrinths in Needlefang
  • 10. Caves of Wailing
  • 11 Gnomregan
  • 12. The Sunken Temple


Dead Mines

When you head to The Dead Mines for your first adventure in a dungeon, pirates, caves, bizarre goblin machines, and even a scavenger’s paradise await you. The jail is intended for players between the ages of 10 and 20; however, it doesn’t look boring. It’s simple in its layout, but various innovative ideas keep players engaged. For instance, the entrance to the vast underground area is a small, unnoticed house that is a confidential space used by thieves to hide.

The cave underneath it ultimately ends in an undiscovered cove with the pirate ship that references a scene from the film “Goonies.” The dungeons of the lower levels can be tedious since these are usually the first players encounter and are intended to prepare the player for the next adventure; however, they do not qualify to prepare for those in the Dead Mines.


Troll Ruins always are fascinating; however, this dungeon is an improvement for the Troll Ruins. Zul’Farrak’s open design allows you to move around easily. The entirety of the “dungeon” is an open space, meaning that it is nearly impossible.

It’s simple to locate bosses, and numerous quests range from getting items to killing a specific quantity of enemies. Music in the background is played by the haunting, dark sound of the snake charmer’s flute, which is unique and well-known.

Monastery of the Scarlet Order

Scarlet Order Monastery Scarlet Order Monastery is best for players who are 35-40 levels up. It is the first dungeon to allow players to see what it’s like when they reach higher levels. Take an examination of the map. It’s massive, with amazing trophies and fun quests.

There are four well-known areas, each with its theme, level, and boss. While the dungeon is located in an area geared towards newly arrived Horde, it’s accessible to Alliance players to access it, provided they’re not afraid of traveling through Silverborough and getting there via South Coast. South Coast.

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The black mountain’s depths Black Mountain

This dungeon is the topic of heated debate as it’s among the largest, most difficult, confusing, and confusing games. Let’s face it; many imagine putting your return stone in The Grumpy Glutton. There’s an entire town waiting for us to visit, and it’s an entire town!

There are a plethora of quests, including one that you can only completely out of the dungeon if you die, as well as the famous long quest line that saves the princess. The dark depths of Black Mountain are beloved by gamers for the length of time you can stay there during the fifties and forties, but the memories are the most cherished.

Dark Fang Fortress

Orda was lucky to land The Dark Fang Fortress, located deep within their territory in Silverwood; however, Alliance players can get southwards to the South Coast and appreciate what is considered the top of the dungeons within the game. It’s a classic RPG dungeon that is perched on a steep hill near the edge of a mysterious forest with a cursed city at its top and a mad mage at the top of the highest tower.

There is a wide variety of quests that are available that are part of lengthy chains, and a wealth of loot. Furthermore, this Dungeon is known for its “blue” droppings, which are mostly weapons and equipment for magic classes.


The Needlefish Maze

We’re not sure which is better or more dangerous, the thorny bushes over or the gimmicky pigsty that lies underfoot. The dungeon is dull, complicated, confusing, and worse. To top it all off, it’s difficult to find, especially for Horde players. It’s all the same, which makes it very difficult to navigate. Additionally, one of the few quests requires you to gather bat waste. This isn’t a joke. Computers do not transmit the smell.

It’s an almost exclusive Dungeon only for the Horde because the closest locations for flights to the dungeon are Camp Tauraho and Thousand Needles, but it’s far away. Alliance players have to walk to Cabestan or Feralas within the dungeon itself, and it’s usually not worth it.


Yes, the issue here isn’t that important. There are three Marauders. Some of them are more popular than others. Princess Island is one such spot that everyone visits sooner or later. The beauty of this particular area is filled with lush greenery and water, in contrast to the uninhabited, faceless caves that lead to nowhere.

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What’s wrong with this dreadful color scheme? What is the reason they chose to go with orange and purple? The dungeon appears like an art gallery or hospital, and you are required to traverse different lines across the floor. You may have observed that no other dungeons have this feature, and it’s evident the reason. It’s not cool.

Caves of Wailing

There are numerous positive things to say about this Dungeon. It is accessible to all factions despite its location within Horde territory. It’s one of the best spots to catch the famous Mysterious Fish and offers a wide variety of quests. But the level 18 Alliance character has a long way to get there since the area is close to hostile centaurs and dangerous crustaceans. In addition, most tasks are tedious tasks to gather items.

A few parts of the Dungeon are quite well-constructed. However, most of it looks awful and incomplete. The entire dungeon is an uninteresting blue and purple scheme with flecks of green. It’s a great way to get better at it, and it’s inevitable to visit the same place, which can be frustrating.


In the list of the dungeons, characters prefer to stay clear of, Gnomregan almost always tops the list. There’s nothing much there, only a handful of “green” objects that don’t merit the boring design or the dreadful blue and yellow colors.

There aren’t many quests in this area, as the items you discover are useful to any engineer within the group, but there are few others. Gnomregan is located deep within Alliance territory. However, Horde players can reach it through goblin transportation by following the proper line of quests.

The Sunken Temple

It’s not the dungeon in itself that’s problematic. The location and its inability to alleviate the long journey and the dangerous, unmarked swamp. The Swamp of Sadness isn’t anything special, Swamp of Sadness, unless you’re an herbalist or are trying to create an air route that connects Thorny Valley and the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms. The dungeon, often referred to by the name Temple of Atal’Hakkar, confirms its name by almost reaching the lowest point.

It appears to have been overdone and everything has transformed into a confusing clump of confusing corridors and staircases. Every corner is identical with the dreadful green-brown hue just makes it look worse. It’s like Zul’Farrak experiencing seasickness.

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