The Authors Of The Moba Game Arena Of Valor Have Organized A Show Match Which Will Involve Ramzes666 Ns And Other Cyber Athletes

In the most well-known MOBA games, Arena of Valor was the first event of New Year’s Eve, the main event of which will be a Christmas show-match. The game will see professional players from Dota 2 and well-known bloggers.

28 December was the date that Arena of Valor was the date for the release of an update, targeted towards players from Russia and CIS. Alongside the update, MOBA was given a unique musical theme, 11 characters started speaking Russian, and the game’s inside-game experience, “Mysterious New Year’s Eve celebration featuring Sinestreya,” was also launched. In the course of the event, gamers can expect to receive special emotions, images of Sinestreia “Snegurochka” and fragments from other images.

The gifts will continue to flow. Between December 30 and the 10th of January gamers can anticipate:

  • Access to all heroes for free.
  • Images and fragments of harnesses.
  • Chance to win prizes like headphones and portable chargers, speakers along with iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The complete contest rules and contest rules can be found within the game.

The highly-publicized event is a fun match-up to determine who will be better in Arena of Valor or the cyber-athletes or bloggers. The broadcast starts at 19:00 in Moscow on the Project’s YouTube Channel. It is also possible to watch on the player below:

The professional side players is:

      • Roman Ramzes666 Kushnarev,
      • Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov,
      • Evgeny iLame Pechtelev,
      • Viktor GodHunt Volkov,
      • Alexander Nix Levin.

A blogger’s honor is protected by:

      • Emil,
      • Dima Evtushenko,
      • Egorik Shkred,
      • Misha Weiss,
      • Gerasev.

The more viewers a broadcast receives and the more bonus points viewers receive. For instance, broadcasters will get ten image fragments and magic crystals, and a unique New Year’s Eve emoji once they get to the desired amount of viewers.

Arena of Valor

MOBA game that has five players playing against one another. There are more than 100 characters included in
DC Comics, Sword Art Online, Ultraman, Bleach The list will get more extensive in the future. Arena of Valor is available on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

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