The Authors Of The Genshin Impact Showed The Process Of Character Creation On The Example Of The New Geo-Copay

With the update of the Update 2.4,
Genshin Impact has two new heroines: Shen He and Yun Jin. The second of the two is particularly intriguing since it represents the world of the tradition that is miHoYo‘s homeland of China. The team is very proud of their accomplishments, and they have released a short film on the development and development of this heroine.

Let’s not forget we’ve already mentioned that Yun Jin is a geo-cop and part-time opera singer from Li Yue. Participants will get to be able to meet her during the adventure and will even hear her singing.

  • The developers’ concept for Yun Jin originated in the beginning in the plot. The 3D model was completed in the year 2018, but prior to the 2022 launch, it needed to be improved.
  • The heroine was immediately thought of as an artist.”opera” as a word “opera” was her symbol from the very beginning.
  • The writers began weaving Yun Jin into the plot by introducing him to characters and writing out the story.

  • The character is built on a mix of innovation and tradition. The creators have attempted to reflect this in the character and the look of Yun Jin. She is, for instance, a performer of classical opera and enjoys rock music.
  • The outfit of the girl has elements of costumes for opera, but does not appear too pretentious.
  • The unusual design of the singer caused the 3D artists to work extremely difficult. For instance, the cape and hair caused a challenge to render the movements, while the bright makeup stretched out unsightly when you blink during the initial tests.

  • The animators admitted to being honest when they began working in Yun Jin; their knowledge of opera was not sufficient.
    • While studying the theme, they discovered that static opera poses could be a source of inspiration: “They are short. However, they are strong as well as having an an pause-like sense.
    • The sequence of blows is a full show – the beginning and the end of each assault correspond to the time it takes to enter or leave the stage.
  • Another issue is integrating the style of fighting of the girl and her professional work. Yun Jin’s style of play is built around the building up of energy, and then the powerful punch. The team worked hard to make Yun Jin’s moves appear powerful, yet graceful at the same.
A good example of the similarity between the stands in theater and play.
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  • Due to the deadliness (only one month! ) to find a good actor to play Yun Jin proved difficult. The majority of opera singers don’t have the opera voice, so they require actors who could perform in opera.
    • The heroine’s voice is performed by multiple people including an opera singer and dubber. No matter which voice language you select the aria will be sung in Chinese.
  • Developers also stated that they were unsure whether they should connect Yun Jin with opera in the early stages of the development process. Making this decision rashly could have been dangerous. However, as the process developed, the team became conscious of the wonderful aspects of the opera world. This miHoYo team hopes that gamers will appreciate similar sentiments.
  • Sooner or later, the Genshin Impact will celebrate a holiday – Lee Yue will commemorate with the Sea Lantern Festival. Participants will be able to win prizes, including the free four-star Li Yue. The roster of characters includes Yun Jin.

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