The Artful Escape Review – A Game for Good Headphones Review

The Artful Escape is woven of images and metaphors, infused with space-themed dreams and breathtaking music in its many forms. Is there some kind of game to be played behind it? Discover the answer in our report.

  • producer: Beethoven and Dinosaur
  • Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
  • Please mark the date: September 9, 2021

Francis Vendetti is a guy from the city of Calypso, Colorado. He aspires to perform on stage and dreams of having a successful career in music; however, there’s a burden upon his back: impostor’s syndrome and anxiety that comes with the fame of Francis, his uncle, who is a famous folk singer. Everyone expects the star to follow the same route as his favorite uncle, but he’s in a dilemma between the desire to live up to standards and taking his path of creativity.

A day later, on the day of a music festival at which Francis will be performing the folk show, The man is greeted by a girl of a different kind who promises him significant changes. They happen the same night when he is greeted by the arrival of aliens that take the protagonist to an extended space jam, in which he is named the star in the center. The journey of a metaphor through galaxies will assist Francis in freeing himself from the chains of popular opinion and realizing his true purpose.

The Artful Escape is brutal to recommend as an experience. The gameplay here is simple. In different episodes, you travel around the various locations and interact with characters, then you run between left and right, and then jump over obstacles, similar to an accessible platformer. You then perform a basic QTE while playing in a duet against aliens. This is all the game can offer; however, even these tiny bits of gameplay can become monotonous, as in scenes where you’re forced to perform nothing other than traverse vast spaces.


However, when Francis takes up the guitar, you immediately forget the shortcoming. It’s the Artful Escape. Artful Escape is a stunning audio-visual experience that captures the imagination with its array of visuals and diverse scenes. You can participate directly in coloring the game in vibrant colors, travel across the globe, and play guitar. The music is a dazzling display that makes everything in the room shimmer, vibrate and sing, creating a fantastic ensemble consisting of a young boy playing guitar and many other aliens.

When you’re in a situation like this, when you’re just trying to take in what’s on screen, look and listen. The game is best played with high-quality headphones that can feel each sound. There’s lots of music to listen to in The Artful Escape, and the louder it gets, the more you’re dragged into a mystical world made out of hundreds of galaxies similar to the world on Earth music is adored, and massive-scale shows with awe-inspiring music, dazzling pyrotechnics, and thousands of fans are scheduled.

The game is just three hours, and it manages to trigger a myriad of emotions. It is a mix of psychedelic sounds with good humor and the best guitar solos, thanks to which you can overlook its lack of cohesive gameplay. If you enjoy unique games with a character, then This Artful Escape is just for you.

The game is available through Xbox Game Pass on PC as well as Xbox consoles

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