The Antarctic Cooperative Puzzle Game We Were Here Forever Launches On May 10

We Were Here is a set of puzzles that can be solved in co-op play with a friend. Soon, the series will release another installment; We Were Here Forever. The authors have released a brand new trailer in which they announced the date of release.

We Were Here Forever takes you to Castle Rock -a castle in the middle of Antarctica. A tangled tale involves a king, an evil curse, and an innocent villager. Discover the mysteries together with another prisoner, and make your escape through royal halls, dungeons, a graveyard, a blacksmith shop and other parts of the castle.

Like previous installments, In Forever it’s best to talk using the in-game radio, and some tasks require active interaction with your comrade. For example, you’ll have to communicate quickly about something before the timer expiring. The microphone and co-op are crucial elements of gameplay.

They also offer a tale that leaves you with a shiver that will run down your spine and add that you don’t need to go through the first “We Were Here” to grasp forever. If you’re still looking to delve into the “lore,” the authors suggest taking a look at the diaries that are specially written for the book.

The release date of Our were Here Forever will be on May 10, 2015 for PC (Steam, EGS). Versions for console platforms will be out in a bit later.

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