Teufel Cinebar 11 Test

The 2.1 set version from Cinebar 11 is a fixed version. Cinebar 11 combines the brand new Cinebar 11 MK2 20 soundbar and the subwoofer T6, which is also brand new. If you’re looking for more, you can include two wireless speakers in the rear to enjoy an all-surround experience. In addition, this set is available through it is the Cinebar 11 Surround 4.1 Set for 749.99 euros. The only difference is the open edge.

It is immediately apparent that both subwoofer and soundbar (both available in white and black) are tiny. The soundbar is extremely small and flat with 94.8 6.8 x 6.8 x 8.3 cm. Therefore, you should have no issue placing the bar beneath the TV that you set up. Wall mounting is also feasible. The wireless subwoofer with side-firing T6 is now 42 by 42 by 12 cm, extremely slim, and can easily be placed in the living room or even under the couch should it be required.

The connection can be made quickly out of hand since Teufel doesn’t overcomplicate it by offering numerous possibilities. HDMI out and HDMI out are both available and, of course, with support for ARC/CEC. The issue is that Teufel is still relying on the 2.0a version, which means that 4K/120Hz isn’t yet available for looping between your devices. It’s not a great idea considering there is just one HDMI input. There is also an optical input and a 3.5-millimeter connector for a jack. Also, there’s a MicroUSB Service port. Unfortunately, a “real” USB port is not accessible. Wireless connectivity is available only through BlueTooth 5.0 using aptX. The Cinebar 11 doesn’t have the LAN or WLAN entirely, and, as stated in the beginning, it’s at a price point where these features are not often found.

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The small dimensions of the subwoofer and soundbar do not mean they aren’t. There’s plenty in there that you might not think of at first. The subwoofer in the T6 is a 165mm cellulose cone driven by an amplifier in Class D that has 60W. It covers the frequency range from 31-200 Hz. The soundbar is fitted with eight high-performance long-throw speakers that include two 20mm tweeters and six midrange drivers of 44mm, powered through eight amplifiers. This gives 150W of power and frequency coverage between 33 and 22,000 Hz.

DTS, Dolby Digital, and Pro Logic II are supported; Dolby Atmos or DTS:X aren’t included. However, an internal Dynamore technology is present and creates a digital audio widening through an algorithm, and it works effectively. Teufel is quite minimalist in its settings, but this suffices thanks to the excellent basic settings. For example, if you select the Dynamore mode, there are no variations other than the On/Off.

With the sound settings, Teufel offers four options: Normal, Speech, and Night. The Normal mode is exceptionally balanced and suitable for any purpose. Treble and bass can be set separately. There is an effortless room adjustment by using distance specifications of the distance of listening.

When we’re done, we’ll keep the controls simple. There are a couple of areas of touch on to the right of the speaker to perform the most crucial functions, but most of it is controlled using the remote control included. The menus are laid out, and with the help of an LCD in the bar, you will avoid getting lost, mainly since the menus are organized sensibly. It’s nice that the display’s brightness can be altered. Not so lovely is that the glossy production of this remote imperceptibly absorbs fingerprints.
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Let’s move on to the thrilling aspect, which is the sound. It isn’t hesitant to win our hearts. The subwoofer from T6 instantly scores with the typical deep and clean Teufel sound. It’s right on the mark with no rumble. However, it still has plenty of punch. No matter if it’s massive double-bass storms or CoD bullets, the sub isn’t letting them get in the way and delivers a gigantic hole to the small cabinet.

The soundbar itself is also a winner concerning all aspects. Its clear, crisp, and detailed highs, as well as clear mids and good speech quality, complete the soundbar and provide surprisingly excellent sound quality for its price. Mainly when the Dynamore audio enhancement is employed, it’s now so adjusted that you can keep it running for a long time regardless of whether you’re playing music, movies, or games via the speakers. It’s astonishing how big the soundstage becomes when this feature is turned on. Teufel truly gets the most out of the limited options of a soundbar. However, it’s pretty great regardless of the Dynamite.

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