Test: Synthetik 2 (Arcade Action)

Synthetik was known for its precision controls and fun shooter action from a birds-eye perspective, particularly with Synthetik’s Ultimate Edition. Synthetik 2 is the successor. Synthetik 2 is, unfortunately, slightly behind in certain areas at present. We needed to remember that it is, in fact, the first version during our Early Access test. We also were asking ourselves what they could have done to make it longer.

Strengths that are known.

Synthetik 2 builds upon the predecessor’s foundations that was awarded a Gold Award in the Ultimate version. The well-tested and reliable headshot system is not often seen in an isometric bird’s eye view game. It remains to be effective and makes for a great time. Also known as other components like distinct classes, further subdivided into sub-classes in this area, a good range of weaponry, a few improvements, plenty to unlock, and of course, the chance to raise the difficulty to a higher level.

It’s the same positives that many gamers enjoyed in Synthetik However, the latest offshoot of the series is less enjoyable than its elder sibling. One reason is the general feeling of the experience. The game is played in Synthetik 2; you perform the same task as the first in that you move through areas until you get to the exit. You then take out everything trying to hinder your progress along the route.

New Issues

Synthetik 2, however, has a different approach to the entire thing. Moving through the game, shooting, and everything else appears as if you’ve mistakenly turned down the game’s speed when you select choices. Unfortunately, there is no suitable option for this. Synthetics were also very popular among gamers due to the realistic mechanics of weapons from this particular perspective. To reload, first, unload the magazine. Weapons may overheat, fail or even fail.

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The usual keys E and R are utilized to accomplish this. This is also possible; however, with Synthetik 2, it happens much more frequently, and you are required to reload while moving instead of putting the enemy in an inactive location. Additionally, the movement keys compete with Reload keys to determine the precision motor priority. This is a bit difficult in games like Synthetik, in which precision and speed of decision are essential.

Very little content.

In addition, Synthetik 2 offers much fewer features than its predecessor because of the Early Access status, of course. There are fewer classes, fewer upgrades, and fewer weapons, etc. Additional content will likely be added in the next few weeks and months. However, given the minimal quantity of content available, maybe they could have thought about the possibility of delaying Early Access a bit longer. At the same time, the limited available content has been enjoyable.

Each class comes with a couple of sub-classes that are different. You can choose your character by your preference game style.

Apart from the lack of content, some mechanical issues and bugs are being identified and will be addressed or improved as time goes on. At the very least, in Synthetik 2, one must say goodbye to the days when the Early Access version was already pervasive and was refined. In essence, one finds here a paid alpha version.

Unhelpful user guide.

The biggest problem besides the general slowdown is the user guide, which can’t even be called expedient: to start a game, you have to click through some very confusing and not very pretty menus.
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The ammunition display has an updated location within Synthetik 2: it is currently located to the bottom left of the screen instead of being in the middle and makes it more difficult to keep a close watch on the targets and ammunition available – unfortunately, this can be quite counterproductive in this particular form.

Audiovisually appealing.

As far as the environment, the game is different from its prequel. Although the original design was appealing, the new 3-D-style graphics make it easier to recognize enemies. The final word is that the design makes an impression.

In the end, Flow Fire Games is trying (including with the day 1 Patch) to bring the latest content, updates, and other content. It’s like in the back of their minds; they’re conscious of the necessity to get caught up. Since apart from the setting, there aren’t any good reasons to choose this game over the first in the present. It’s true that one could just speculate about the cause for the allegedly too late Early Access release. However, the current state of the game is more likely to trigger anger among those who played the game’s predecessor.

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