Test: Resident Evil 4 (Action-Adventure)

Code Veronica and Part 4 once liberated Capcom’s famous horror series from its difficult control system. Could the extensively adapted VR version offer this action/adventure game Resident Evil 4 an even more enjoyable gaming experience? Check out the full Review of Resident Evil 4’s exclusive game of the game for Oculus Quest 2.

Only the Quest 2!
The first thing to do is to send caution to users of the original Oculus Quest game, which is no longer supported by the publisher Facebook. After all kinds of conversions to different platforms on the traditional screen, it’s now the time to embrace virtual reality. Capcom has discovered partners to implement the technology Publisher Facebook is a financial supporter of the title and its marketing, as an exclusive draw for the present System Quest 2 (e.g., with this cool Japanese trailer). Also, PSVR and PC VR players should not set their expectations too high at the moment. The majority of development Armature was selected, in addition to other features already has the Sports Scramble VR experience ( to the test).

Like before, I head into the battle alongside Leon Kennedy against the infected and adolescent girl of the American President in the Spanish hinterlands. Learn the reasons Resident Evil 4, with its changes to the mechanical interface, has been so significant to the series, and what Leon is likely to encounter when he travels to the southern part of Europe within Jorg’s critique of the GameCube version (or on the remasters available for PS4, Xbox One and Switch).

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Certain inserts cause stomach pain.

Here, we will primarily focus on the specifics of the VR implementation. One thing that stands out is the apparent, smooth performance of the shooter-heavy adventure, even though “only” 72 frames per second and hertz are employed. In the first-person view that has been designed to accommodate VR, the environment is sped by me faster than in shooters explicitly designed for VR from the beginning.

Strangely enough, this did not make me feel sick whether I was sitting or standing mode. Only after the massive monster from the pond dragged me across the lake in the boat during the initial boss battle was I forced to break with an upset stomach for a long time. Although I had changed some preferences for comfort, the game never did anything to improve the situation from this point. For the majority of the game, however, the many options seem reasonable, including slow camera rotation (if you want to) or alternative teleportation and vignette strength, as well as what size the movie screen is to accommodate scenes as well as short dissolves.

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