Test of Tricky Towers, a competitive Tetris

The game of Tetris is a world full of tiny magicians

Tricky Tower is a remake of 99 bricks: Wizard Academy, available on PS Vita and IOS and designed by the Amsterdam-based company WeirdBeard.

Here’s a unique recreation of Tetris the game that is the most popular game on the planet, where you build towers with certain conditions: higher or less, stronger or denser, and with the most pieces you can and as quickly as is possible. This is the kind of challenge the game provides and will test your skills on edge.

Tricky Towers takes the fundamental premise of Tetris however, it adds the game at a price of adding new elements to the world. A style of graphics that could be described as ” cute ” features the tiny ” Chibi ” of magicians that serve as avatars for you, all in a vivid universe that evokes the tiny retro aspect of the game from earlier times with its bright colors that would have influenced several.

Magic enters the game and adds extra excitement. In Tricky Towers Two kinds of magic: white and black. White magic grants you advantages that can help you improve your magic or help you get out of a bind. Black magic On the contrary, and available in certain circumstances only, will cast a curse on your adversaries as slippery coins, fog, and an increased speed are only a review of the curses available which can be used to weaken your adversaries.

In multiplayer, to play with your buddies

Tricky Towers is heavily concentrated on multiplayer and features the option of a local as well as an online mode, which means you can enjoy playing with your friends anyplace. If you play local, you’ll be able of playing up to 4 players on the same computer (4 controllers (or 3 controllers with a keyboard). On the internet, you’ll definitely be able invite your friends on on Steam to join in a game (if they have this game) or participate in online games.

For every game online You will have to select the parameters:

  • The challenge you’d like take on
  • The difficulty, which ranges in difficulty, ranging from ” simple ” level that only allows white magic, up to”special ” level, which allows both white and black magic ” particular ” level that allows both kinds of magic and includes additional requirements.
  • The number of points needed to win the game, whether you’d prefer to bet the entire game on one run or let your opponents take you down by cutting 18 points.

The three challenges that are available include : races, puzzles and survival challenges.

In a race it is necessary to arrange your blocks in the most quickly as you can to make it to the end of the line (at the highest point) leaving your competitors in the dust. Blocks that fall don’t be penalized; however, make sure to keep your turns, as the fall may be difficult.

The puzzle involves trying for you to accumulate as many pieces as you can under the limit of the beam of a laser, and if you surpass the beam, the game is over. when you drop one of the pieces, you are given the penalty, and your platform will rise to bring you closer to the finish line. The person who stacks most pieces at the end of the contest takes home the prize.

The final challenge of survival problem is building your pieces the least amount of risk of falling. Stability will be your greatest ally! Every lost piece costs each of you three hearts. The first of your opponents or you to survive will take the game.

In training, on their own or taking on a challenge

The game currently has 50 challenges that you can play solo and are a mix of three distinct challenges. The initial levels are designed to allow you to understand the complexities of each challenge. However, the higher levels will help improve your skills and provide actual challenges. It’ll require patience and grit to complete all obstacles, but if you succeed, your next opponents (or would I prefer to call them “victims”) will need to be extra cautious.

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