Test of the return of Shadow Tactics on PlayStation 4

For those who haven’t heard about it, Shadow Tactics is a real-time infiltration game set in Japan during the feudal period. In 1615, the Edo period is still just beginning to take shape, and the opponents to the Tokukawa Shogunate’s strength remain numerous. With 13 different missions you’ll be tasked with defeating the plans of one particular Kage-Sama.

The game begins by throwing into the world of a shinobi called Hayato. This mission allows you to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics, which, while at first may appear complicated, eventually becomes intuitive. However, this first prelude will meet two characters that will join you to complete the first mission. Overall one samurai named Mugen will be with you, followed by Takuma, an elderly elite sniper that is nearly in a position not to move; Yuki, a teenager who is specialized in traps and diversion, as well as Aiko, who is a specialist in disguise. Five characters total that have various strengths that you’ll have to master, and most of all, memorize so that you can use every character at the correct moment to make your job simpler.

But, Shadow Tactics is not without flaws however, even if it is down to a few minor details and the perfectionist, I’m a bit ticked off by the relationship between a samurai & a Ninja. There is indeed the morality gap between ninjas and samurais as the former were warriors in armor, guided by a strict code of honour (bushido) and frequently devoted to a lord or clan, while ninjas were mercenaries who were trained to commit dishonest acts, like robberies, assassinations, and spying mission.

In terms of the longevity the game has, it is a bit short and makes me stick with a red sticker. The game could have been longer by adding more quests, but you’ll likely take your time with around twenty hours that go by far too fast and leave you hungry.

The game doesn’t have an online multiplayer feature. While this may initially seem an issue, it’s not the situation. The amount of intensity, depth of the game, and the necessity to handle multiple characters are the advantages of the game, as are the shared duties and the ease of completing the tasks, will not restrict their interest.

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