Test of the game Portal Knights on PlayStation 4

The inspiration is apparent immediately. It’s difficult not to be thinking of Minecraft right from the first moment within this world Portal Knights, so much is the setting in Keen Games’ latest game that is influenced by Mojang’s. A roughness to the floor, the design of the characters The resemblance spreads across all four sides of the display. The difference is even slow to be perceived. The first is significant: a scenario.

You’re here to save the world, which is divided into small islands you need to connect through dimensional portals in the wake of a huge tear. If the tale is no new ideas however, it does have the advantage of laying foundations and providing you with the motivation to continue within the game.

Customizing the level of your character You will get to select the gender and choose a class from three such as ranger, mage, or warrior. Additionally, as with any great RPG, fights will give you experience, which will allow players to progress in levels and unlock new abilities and items to equip your gear.

Some quests need you to fix buildings.

The worlds that are available within Portal Knights are much more restricted than Minecraft in terms of size, however you’ll still have time for you to refill your supply. not every place offers the same landscape (greenery desert and more), the same climates (desert and snow and so on) and therefore the identical sources (cactus cottons, cactus and so on.). Particularly since the items you purchase can last for a long time which means you anticipate not to be left with no swords in the event of the hordes of foes. The creatures that populate the various islands will change with each crossing of a portal and will have distinct characteristics that differ from one another. Additionally, some monsters are only seen at specific places (such as bats that live in caves) or only at specific times, as the day-night cycle is present within the gameplay.

The game is quite repetitive (impression enhanced by music). Although dungeons within each level , those side missions offer minimal importance and will be more advantageous to cultivate. NPCs are also of no value. They’ll give you basic advice and, on infrequent occasions, will give you side quests. There’s a bright side, a multiplayer option that allows four players online, or two on split screen is added to the single-player mode and adds a sense of excitement to the name.

Additionally in contrast to it’s “big cousin”, the creative aspect isn’t as strong in Portal Knights. You are free to construct whatever you want; However, the size of the levels and the reality that this does not provide any excitement (aside from perhaps building yourself shelter to defend yourself from monsters, or create your workstation or forge, though an elevated space will work the same thing since the enemies aren’t able to climb up) This makes forging an alternative possibility.

The interface for managing inventory also has certain imperfections in particular in terms of readability and user-friendlyness. This is a shame as it marred an otherwise smooth experience overall.

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