Test of Nioh, the RPG with Samurai sauce


The game’s development started in 2004 under the direction of Koei and specifically through the company Omega Force. The game’s story is built on an unfinished script written by Akira Kurosawa, a famous Nipponese film maker. After his death and his daughter, Hisao Kurosawa, who will assist the studio in finishing the story. A first video was made available during E3 2005, and the game appears to be a Japanese rendition of Dynasty Warriors, a Beat Them All game that traces one of the most significant events in Chinese history, specifically the War of the Three Kingdoms. The release date was revealed the year after, and its name (before that game was titled Oni, meaning Demon In Japanese). Then, nothing else. In 2010 Koei, taking advantage of the merger of Tecmo, Koei announced that the development of the game would be transferred to the team Team Ninja. Again, silence on the radio is imposed for five years: the quiet in the middle of the storm.

Nioh emerges from it’s box in the year 2015. Tokyo Game Show, with the trailer. It also announced that it was the process the possibility of a PS4 exclusive, and the game was slowly neglected. The pace of development accelerated in 2016 when A new Alpha demo, after a beta appeared in the PSN. The game could have had its release date at the end of 2016, but the last minute adjustments resulted in putting it back February 2017. thirteen years of twisting and rocky roads. It’s like a misty the abyme of what is to come of the players.

The game’s start

The story starts in the late twilight of the 16th century in the prison cell of England. You are William Adams, a European Samurai who is ruled by the spirit of protection and imprisoned because of reasons of political significance. It is the Queen of England who is determined to conquer the world chooses to use the Amrita stones, which come from Japan that grant special powers to anyone who uses the stones.You are the only one due to your guardian spirit, who can find how to get to the infinite source of this precious mineral. This is why your significance in the eyes of God. Then you decide to leave and be guided by your spirit.

In the course of your game, a variety of spirits will appear to help you.

If you are interested in Nioh’s name when it was demoed, it’s unnecessary to mention that going headlong into the game is not the answer for this. For the others, you should know that Nioh has been repeatedly compared with Dark Souls in terms of difficulty although it differs in many ways, the game created from From Software remains the most demanding. You are now being evicted from your prison and armed with only your points and basic pants. After defeating the guard and getting the keys back and, most importantly, weapons and a weapon, you’ll be able to explore the prison’s corridors to locate an exit point and the necessary equipment. In addition to the soldiers wearing armor, this entry is quite simple compared to what is ahead, but it is already clear that even the smallest mistake could result in your death.

A quick dodge or a missed parry, and you’ll be able to take the chance to take you through life with just two or three sword blows. The introduction concludes with a mini-boss who, after being killed, is brought back to life as a demonic creature due to Amrita and the black mage. After defeating him another attempt, , the mage will take you Protective Spirit before leaving and heading for Japan. For players who’ve played around in the pad on Dark Souls, good habits are likely to be restored quickly.

However, a few distinctions creep through the cracks. On the level of equipment already, as it is more frequent in Nioh as well as in the realm of managing Ki bars (the equivalent to your endurance), which you’ll need to master perfectly for survival. Following each cycle, just presses the R1 button precisely at the right moment. The gauge will be filled again and will save your life should you succeed and put you in danger should your failure—two components, among others, which greatly aid in things.The initial mission starts on a tiny island near the shores of Japan, which is believed to be inhabited by peaceful fishermen. You will quickly discover that this isn’t any more and that pirates who are pretty hostile have taken over with the help of Yokai, which is a type of revenants from another world. You will have to navigate the streets and dwellings on this island, looking through the corners and crevices to discover things to improve your equipment. Also, those who have already explored through the realm of Dark Souls will not be in a state of disconnection.

In the event of each death, you’ll reappear at the final Altar where you had prayed to God, causing you sometimes to take long distances to make up for having missed one. Every occasion, your enemies appear forcing you to face them again. Gradually you’ll avoid unnecessary places like dead ends and, most importantly, you’ll search for shortcuts. Sometimes, you’ll be able to avoid the need to traverse an area surrounded by enemies that give you only the chance to be killed. The enemies, let’s be honest about them! They’re diverse, and every type of adversary will possess its distinct particular characteristics that force you to alter the way you fight to defeat them. Particularly, the Yokai Each is more abrasive than the next but similarly different.

The game’s first boss in size as powerful.

When the journey around the island is completed, our hero will be joined by a companion named Hattori Hanzo. refers to the most legendary warriors of Japanese history. You can then pick your next adventure using an outline Map of Japan. Since we’re talking about cooperating, there is a co-op mode that lets you invite a friend to join you and help you. A versus mode will also see the light of day shortly through a free version of the game.


one of the most memorable aspects of the gameplay is its atmosphere that appears on the screen. Based on Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi’s own admitting that the work performed by the team working at Omega Force in terms of specifics about the Japan that was then like weapons or houses, is being maintained in his hands staff. The only relic of the early development as it changed from an action/adventure type to an RPG style, the world of Nioh is darker than originally planned.Your field of vision is often restricted by obstructions or low lighting, which will require you to be alert constantly to be safe from the possibility of a surprise attack, which adds element. Of excitement to your gaming! Graphics are quite impressive, but we are sure that they weren’t the primary focus of the teams that developed the game who prefer to focus on the experience and atmosphere, which is not a problem. The landscapes remain stunning; however as well for all who want to make the graphics more dynamic further, Team Ninja thought of you, as there are many different display modes, which vary based on frame rate (or resolution and refresh rate).

PS4 PS4 Pro
Action Mode 60 frames per second, 720p resolution 60 frames per second, 1080p resolution
Movie mode 30 frames per second, 1080p resolution 30 frames per second, 2160p resolution (4K)

There is also an additional mode, dubbed “Variable Cinema Mode,” as the name implies, that provides automated frame-rate and resolution control that can be adjusted according to circumstances. While it’s a great idea on paper, the final result on screen is pretty normal due to the constant adjustments. It is important to note that with PS4 Pro, the resolution is likely to fall occasionally for each of the proposed modes.

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