Test of Moto Racer 4, the return of the arcade license

Moto Racer appeared in the 90s after the advent of 3D on the PlayStation. The initial two games were popular because of the arcade-based gameplay and graphics, even though they were often compared to the other games. Speed was the theme for the sport in this game, and we were shown circuits racing by using the tunnel effect of our helmet. The series’s final installment was launched in the year 2001 and had already received a bad review. The main issues were the poor graphics and gameplay. Is the return to Moto Racer 4 necessary?

We were informed that we’d need to play Moto Racer 4 and we were ecstatic. A test run of an autosports game always brings us joy… typically. It did this time. It was the same! The game was not launched until we started it. The launch is seamless, and no music shows we’re playing an online motorcycle game… absolutely nothing other than windows which scroll, and where we can get the Microids along with Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine is generally, a guarantee of high-quality. It’s a tested engine that produces stunning visuals and is qualitatively superior to most of the industry’s game engines. The engine was developed for games that require first-person shooting in the core. It allows high frame rates that can also be used in the arcade sports genre.

The first look

The game’s menu is easy; however, it is not too simple. It is a simple menu with careers, free racing, and multiplayer options. The sound environment does not exist … not present. In truth, the menu is an issue that is a good thing when the game is of high quality and can make you forget all concerning this… However, Moto Racer 4 does not allow us to get past this regret. It could be deliberate. Perhaps they were nostalgic for Microids or thought it was a nice idea…

The biker is little charisma He is seated on his bike, while we might have thought he bends to get the balance back on the bike. Even though there are times when he does it in a way that is unnecessary or adds a shoulder movement whenever he breathes, add emoticons when there is either a win or loss (in the real world, only 2 emoticons are available and performed randomly). A voice for the characters is not an issue and would be changing the music by the event and race. On the mechanical front, you don’t know the engine you’re driving on apart from the sound of a vacuum or hair dryer making an engine noise. Notice the characters that can take a lot of heat in the quote by one of the competitors which is also known as “Nemesis” on the screenshot above… However, it appears that they were thinking of offering various riders which we could gain access to as we move through the game however, none of them manages to stand out from other players.

Let’s get moving to driving

While driving, we are yet again dissatisfied. The only thing to do is keep pressing the gas to go forward… The usual way You will tell me. But, there is never a moment when we ever feel the need to stop… Pressing A permits you to perform a wheeling using the turbo effect, which quickly becomes a reflex to stay ahead in the pack. It’s not tricky considering the speed and quality of the AI that tends to crash into vehicles it passes or miss leaps that aren’t often used in races.

In a static state the game appears good! But only at the standstill point. Once we begin adding the movement of our game, we’re confronted with uncomfortable driving clips, a smattering of eyes, terrible models and a feeling of dejection.

We should however not conceal it, Moto Racer 4 has an desire to play multiplayer through it’s split screen feature. The task will be harder with a more experienced player on your side, or using the online features offered in the games.


Moto Racer 4 is an enormous disappointment which should never have been released. We’re still a long way from the time when the license was a treat and drove us to at full speed. We’re faced with a game that’s available, despite its comparatively low cost of of around 40 EUR that is too costly in comparison to the quality of the game. Is it a lack of courage? A misguided choice in technology?

The positive

  • The wide variety of circuits
  • PlayStation VR mode PlayStation VR mode
  • A split-screen mode
  • The variety of online options

The negative

  • A lack of a soundstage
  • A lack of courage
  • Graphics that are worthy of the older generation
  • Free-falling FPS
  • A driving experience that is clunky

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