Test of Matterfall, a PS4 exclusive!

You take on the role of Avalon Darrow, a mercenary recruited to help a human colony on a distant planet from home. Humanity has set out to conquer space, so it has decided to conquer planets and utilize the resources available to the fullest extent. However, after an unidentified issue, one of these colonies is struck by fire and blood The human weapons, after being infected by an alien virus and turn against their creators.

The basic idea behind the game, as well as the synopsis, is simple: a series of two-dimensional levels that mix platform games and shoot’em’up. you’ll progress by removing or not removing enemies on screen. The goal is easy to complete the level regardless of the number of enemies you eliminate behind. The only other goal is to locate civilians held hostage and scattered across the levels. Your primary goal will be unlocking weapons and other rewards, which will make your work easier.

The civilians will be hidden in purple crystals.

The main advantages in the game are the speed or, more precisely, the changes in pace. You will alternate between peaceful moments with only little enemies visible on screen as well as desperate times filled with enemies that appear each time, and you’ll never be able to decide where to put your head! Particularly because your enemies can be as diverse as you can get. From the simple missile through the mechanical spider to devices that are chasing you and even a rogue robot “bestiary” is quite extensive. Every enemy comes with specific characteristics; you’ll be required to change your strategy according to the situation before you at any given moment.

Additionally, bosses will be waiting for you after every three stages. Where shooting in the crowd can be sufficient in the face of your adversaries, you will have to employ a more strategic method when facing this kind of opponent.

Enemies will explode with the most colorful effects.

A further strength of the game can be seen in the work that has been done to images.The color code first dark backgrounds are contrasted with the bright colors for the most stylized rendering. The diversity in levels also is a huge success. You will alternate between mazes with mechanical mechanics and outdoor or indoor passages and even crossing points. However, despite being beautiful, the game struggles to be truly memorable by staying very traditional in details.

When the gameplay is lacking in originality, There are two options examples: first, there is a pulse that surrounds you that freezes enemies within the area and dismantling nearly all projectiles fired by enemies which can save some precious seconds and, sometimes, help save your life. Then, the matter gun allows you to construct platforms within predefined areas which protects you from projectiles fired by enemies.

The final point is that the game is entertaining. You’ll take a joyous pleasure from moving through the levels and taking on everything that is in your path by destroying everything within your range of weapons.

A poor level, besides the impression of déjà vu and the absence of novelty, the game has a short time to play. Which is all the more degrading that the Gameplay, although unique due to its two triggers, can give you a difficult time in the beginning levels. This is the time to master it. There is nothing considered to extend the length of time. There is no multiplayer mode or additional game modes. Add to that the aspect it is the game is limited to three difficulty levels and you’ll have accomplished the task quickly.

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