Test of Knowledge is Power: Generations: The quiz that brings together young and old!

For the latest console that is the PlayStation 4, Sony has launched the PlayLink range of games that offer multiplayer games, each with the exclusive feature of the phone, which acts as the controller. The concept of Knowledge = Power is part of this catalog and will make its return prior to the holiday season, with a carefully selected theme, the different generations.

The preparations

One of the major benefits to this PlayLink line and, consequently, in Knowledge is Power Generations is that mobile phones can replace the Dualshock 4 controller. This means you can play with up to 6 players at a time without having to worry whether you’ll have enough controllers. It a less hassle and allows the game to be played by anyone.

To get this done, it’s easy. You just need to follow the steps below to download the low-quality and free application The Knowledge of Power Generations on iOS or Android and connect your mobile phone to the wi-fi access points developed in the PS4. The steps are clearly explained in the game in detail, and you only need to follow them to finish this step.

Although it’s not huge to store, it is an actual battery drainer. The battery’s percentage will fall rapidly, which can hinder you from playing for a long time. In the end, just 2 or 3 games could be played without issue. However, that’s not too much considering that the default mode allows games lasting around 20 minutes. This is relatively small.

Once everything is set up correctly, we can get right into the fun, as every participant will be required to pick a character from the eight available and capture a picture of their head, which will be his avatar. After the short speech by the presenter, you’ll be able to see the best of your friends on television.

To be clear, speaking of the presenter the presenter’s appearances will only be at the beginning and the conclusion of the game as you’ll only hear his voice. However, this didn’t stop him from being entirely from lipsyncing

Create the show!

The game will then start and be an upcoming TV show so in a vibrant setting where everything takes place. The basic idea remains the same as in the first Knowledge is Power, so when you’ve played the game and liked it, jump into the game with your eyes closed to answer new questions concerning the 1980s 1990s, the 2000s, or even 2010.

For those who are brand new to the sport, it has several rounds, and each one could be a challenge that you have to know the right answer for or a task you have to finish in the shortest amount of time to be the winner. This is when the competitive spirit can be ignited since malus could be assigned to a player you prefer. Alliances bind those who have the highest points. They will release themselves after a betrayal is committed. However, the system for bonuses and malus may have had the potential to be more effective and, at the same time, more exciting. They’re not that numerous, and one game is sufficient to get them all. When they’re designed to keep you busy before answering the question, They will soon become ineffective.

The questions aren’t overly complicated, and everyone will participate without having a great deal of information. In particular, before every round, which has an answer, you have the option to pick the category that it is, which will increase your chances of winning. In actuality, it’s the category selected by the majority of players that will be voted on in the event there is a tie. Knowledge is Power: Generations will be relying on random. If you’d like to enforce your own decision, you will be in a position to use the Privilege that can only be used one time during a game and is used to stir up the ire of your opponents as their choices will be dismissed.

But, if the game is entertaining and enjoyable to play with family or friends however, it’s incredibly brief. The game’s twenty minutes pass quite quickly, particularly when you consider that there’s a short game mode. With it in the game, the creators could have had the money to add more rounds to game mode.

To top it off the prize, the winner of the overall contest will be awarded the scroll on which an anecdote or funny fact is written.

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