Test of Hitman 2 : A 47 in top form

In 2016, the Danish fathers of the famous Hitman decided to clean the slate for their main license and set out from scratch and all in the hope of revising a formula for the bald Hitman which was losing steam with each new iteration. It was in conjunction with Square Enix that the Hitman reboot adventure was created in motion, as was the overhauled graphics engine to fit the latest generation of gaming consoles. This was all paired with a design bias for levels that were not a part of the series that was a huge hit with some but caused some confusion for most players. the tiny six levels and the unclear episodic game confused newbies, and significantly impacted the game’s sales that were, unfortunately, not astronomical and in contrast to an impressive critical reception and the formation of a close-knit community around the game.

Two years later, after the middle of a divorce, we discover IO Interactive: forsaking at the same time its previous producer Square Enix for Warner Bros Interactive and changing the episodic system the first installment used to create the sequel Hitman 2 with six levels right from the beginning. A minor change on the formula, since the new Hitman 2 seems to take the perfect formula developed in 2016 and improve the entire thing, which is much more like a “Hitman Season 2” rather than any other game.

The story begins exactly where we left off just two years earlier, immediately after the sixth episode in Season One. The strange relationship between Diana Burnwood and the organization known as Providence is formed to locate the notoriously elusive client who ordered the murders in the first episode in exchange for information regarding 47’s past. The Hitman is then asked to fulfill the agreements of Providence and unravel the secrets of his youth and more. Let’s get it out of the way, the scenario has not been the main focus of the role of a Hitman and does not even touch on the pretext. It’s a simple story we’re presented with that’s limited to basic facts, with some twists and twists here and there. unfortunately, no one is an actual Hitman to tell a story, and that weak plot is one of the main problems with this game.

Immersive Infiltration

Indeed, the high praise for the predecessor is still in place. Hitman 2 increases the stature that the license has as a foundation of the ultimate infiltration game Each map comes with its unique stamp, and they all are distinct from one another in either the way they recreate various locations or the gameplay elements that are presented. In the streets that are crowded in Mumbai, For instance, you’ll be confronted with an extremely populated city, where it’s more difficult to hide from the crowd and also conduct things in narrow dark alleys, and in the Colombian city that is lively and run by shady drug lords. A massive castle and the dense jungle await your arrival, or working areas within the city, where “accidents” may occur.

The game can do an outstanding job of immersion because of this natural dynamic, vibrant and distinctive dimension embedded into the levels. you’ll be able to enjoy massive details and NPCs who are attentive to every gesture and fact, and even a simple NPC will look into an odd behavior. The game is based on artificial intelligence that is finely tuned, which makes infiltration fast and challenging but not difficult (except when playing at the highest difficulty).

An assassin who is aware of how to murder

Complete a level of Hitman 2 isn’t just about getting to the end of the screen, and then going into the next film. Sure, it’s possible to do that and complete the game in just a handful or hours. However, it’s the equivalent of seeing just a tiny portion of what the game offers and missing the purpose of the game.

The first time is just the beginning, and the the the first attempt is associated with trials and errors, as well as frequent trips to the menu for saving and loading usually leading to a less than stellar result, and it’s at the end of the initial level that you realize that there’s an entire system of mastery that requires you to carefully look over the area to uncover every single thing including new weapons can be found, weapons that ICA can create before you get there at different points of entry, various disguises that you could wear at the start of every mission, and the list goes on. The game features levels packed with contents, and it’ll take several replays to appreciate the entirety of the game fully.

Then, it’s a journey with scores and challenges which kick in. Once you master the map, the game will leave you with only one goal in mind: to get the highest score and finish the entire challenge. That is where the level design of the title shines. You’ll need to become better at deciding on which path to take and then devise the ideal strategy to reach the well-known “Silent Assassin 5 stars” combination that is extremely fun. Every act counts, and each decision can lead to a flurry of a variety of outcomes that transform the experience into tiny puzzles. The basic act of trying to penetrate an area that is restricted that leads to a goal requires an extensive amount of math, which disguise will let me into the zone? Which NPC is most likely to be neutralized? What is the best method to accomplish this? And so on. It’s the player’s responsibility to discover the pieces that are the most appropriate to get the most effective result.

Therefore, you must be attentive, thorough, and precise to succeed in accomplishing your mission. The virtue of patience can be helpful throughout the game. NPCs aren’t always in the place you’d like them to be, and it is necessary to learn about their behavior and habits and use the resources available (and sometimes, rely on your luck) to ensure that you don’t commit blunders. It is necessary to consider everything and never leave anything up to chance. If everything is in order, the result will be very satisfying.

This game is an absolute source of enjoyment and scenarios that are often amazing and often unlikely. In addition to the amazing plots offered by the game at every level, you can have fun playing with the many weapons and objects available to create diverse scenarios. The game is unique, and no two games will ever be the same, and as bizarre as it sounds, the idea of replaying missions isn’t a necessity, the game is well-crafted, and that is among its biggest assets.


Alongside this quality in addition to this richness, in addition to this richness, developers have discovered an approach to keep players at the edge of their seat and keep them returning with the game-service strategy,and this method fits the game’s title very well. A “Fugitive Target” mode (with Sean Bean as the guest Sean Bean, no less) is now available and will be refreshed every two weeks to provide a new shot every time. This will let players use the full potential in the game’s maps and their level design to 100 percent, in addition to the ability for players to create murder contracts and publish them.

IO has added to its collection of game modes, including two multiplayer modes, namely Ghost game mode and Sniper Assassin modes. The first acts as a “competitive” mode, where players will be in their own space, so no interaction between players is feasible. The objective is to kill the target as fast as possible without being noticed for 10 seconds. As we mentioned in our review a while ago, this mode greatly is boring, and you will quickly get lost around the screen. However, this mode appears to be more vibrant than it is named after. This is a cooperative model which takes place on a map that was designed specifically to serve this particular purpose.

Visit Himmlestein located in Austria to find and kill three former gang members. This is a game exclusively performed with snipers, and it is impossible to move. The multiplayer component is logical, and you’ll have been able to coordinate your actions to avoid failing to notice any types of variables like the speed of travel of the bullet relative to distance, the exact location of the bodies as well as the possible witnesses that could be a threat to your game if they spot the body. The scoring system remains an integral part of the game, and it’s an absolute pleasure to see multiplayer features added to Hitman. Hitman with aplomb and its Legacy Pack that is offered to those who own the previous release and brings all the levels with remastered new gameplay mechanics, bringing an extensive amount of time to the game. A chance to revisit Sapienza or Marrakech from a different perspective.

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