Test of Hidden Dragon: Legend, the beat them all that does not hide its ambition

Behind the game Hidden Dragon: Legend, we have the indie studio Megafun Games, which during the development process of the game, they received numerous awards, including “best technologies.” The creators intend to present an unbeatable experience with a side-view in 2D that integrates RPG gameplay using various equipment and combinations to unlock. They also included puzzles and an element of platforming and all set against the background with retribution and a future that promises as violent.

Did you say Deja-Vu?

It’s possible to say that it’s crystal clear that Hidden Dragon: Legend shines not because of its setting nor its narrative. In this game, you play as the beautiful dark-haired Master Lu. You are incarcerated in amnesiac condition and are beset by smashed bodies. A loving family’ll embrace you, and after a couple of storylines and you’ll realize the purpose of your quest to eliminate this Trigram Organization. The Trigram Organization is more commonly referred to as the Organization, a shambles of destruction and chaos to find an elixir that will give them youth through the dragon cauldron. Then, you’re off on your revenge-seeking journey all over the nation.

On your way, You will get the chance to meet the typical villain, less so than ultimately, the villain of the most extensive scale that is hungry for power, and of course, the brother-in-arms’ former comrade who killed your master. It is possible to imagine that, as in No More Heroes, the makers would employ these cliches to present a vibrant story. But, in reality, there isn’t, the characters serve only as a pretext an effort to move the story forward and lack substance. This is very unfortunate despite the lack of originality better well-developed universe would be far more engaging and immersive.

Diverse and rich environments

Despite the limitations of its storyline, Hidden Dragon: Legend is based using Unreal Engine; despite the shortcomings of its scenario, Unreal Engine is visually very effective. From level to stage, the game has the protagonist visually impressive and diverse in various places. From the caves underground to the bamboo forests that run through the roofs of an enormous Chinese metropolis, Hidden Dragon: Legend is highlighted by the depth of its surroundings. Furthermore, the creators could utilize their engine to make stunning light-hearted gaming. The only shadow in the image is the graphics style that, if not missed, is extremely simple. The studio may have been looking to increase the focus on the design of the adversaries. The game is exceptionally well-crafted, and just like Bayonetta, when you encounter an opponent for the first time, there will be a picture on the screen indicating the opponent’s name and the danger degree of the tense opponent. The various enemies are enough to add some newness to the many battles, with particular praise for a formidable boss who will undoubtedly be a challenge.

It’s not just the battle!”

In most games of the genre, the fight scenes focus on dodge and attack mechanics. Hidden Dragon: Legend is not an exception. The dash button is available and, if you can dodge in the right place at the right time, you will create a devastating and thrilling counter. On the majority of enemies, it’s difficult to predict the moment they’ll attack. Therefore, you must attempt to dodge randomly and hope that your opponent will strike simultaneously. This is unfortunate because the counter-systems are very visually appealing. Furthermore, despite the numerous combinations, you’ll be able to play the game without changing the range of your moves. In fact, excluding those with the most prominent opponents, The game will not require you to utilize all the options.

To diversify the gameplay experience, there is a platform element included, but these various elements can prove disastrous. In fact, even when the player has a double jump, it is massive and tough to control when it is in the air. Add in the hit-boxes, and you’ll get difficult sequences when the controller is has been placed in its hands.

The platforming game, which could have been an intriguing addition, instead transforms into painful sequences, it’s even more than a shame as the design of the level is highly successful and encourages players to play from bottom to top in order to discover new items. Similar to in an RPG game, you are able to equip your character with different daggers and swords; However, the customization element ends at that point. There are also perfect puzzles, which allow you to relax your thumbs and work on your mind during two combat modes.

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