Test of Gravity Rush 2 : a second opus… amazing

There are numerous reasons to love the game Gravity Rush 2.. In a world in which many games are boring or annual or a bit gritty, dark or dull, Gravity Rush 2 stands out vibrant, unique, and fun even in its most dark moments. The game altogether recreation the main character Kat, the unbreakable and charismatic Kat. Even with the game’s flaws, , it’s hard not to get swept away by her charisma.

Gravity Rush 2 picks up right where the first game ended. Kat and a few of her friends are caught in an atmospheric storm that takes their bodies to an unimaginable world that is depressing, in which people have to put in a lot of effort to survive. Kat must join forces with her former friends and make new ones to change the lives of all the people in the world and hopes to be able to return to her home.

While the story kind of has an entirely new beginning and puts Kat in a brand unique setting with new characters , the story assumes that you’ve played the game previously and can remember all the details exactly. It gets more complicated as Kat’s life is revealed and begins to be interspersed into this new narrative. For me, even having played the original game with PS Vita and then on Playstation 4 with the remaster, I had trouble with my memory in times to recall precise details. This makes the game more immersive, but it’s still disappointing not to get a spark of memory before the game’s beginning.

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