Test of God of War on PS4 : The bet won by the developers !

The development of Kratos

In the original God of War, Kratos was motivated by hatred of gods and only lived to take revenge. In this sequel Kratos remains dislikes the gods however, he has also developed the wisdom. Away from his homeland and a woman with whom he had the name of his child Atreus. He now has to play the the role of the dad and we are able to find out an entirely new aspect that is Kratos.

Now, he manages the anger and does not let it get over him. Kratos has gotten older, both mentally and physically. His role as a father requires him to look back and recognize the mistakes he made of the past to teach his son moral values so that he won’t make his mistakes. But this doesn’t stop him from remaining with the legendary power and brutality which makes this God of War license special.

It’s a fascinating new aspect of Kratos, and I was awed by finding it in the course of the game. Kratos is still cool and unaffected to his surroundings however Atreus who is completely opposite, is able to create Kratos feel emotions beyond anger or at least to display them..

Kratos is caught between the person he’s as a brutal cold, someone who has lived through war and what is he trying to become an excellent parent to Atreus. After all Kratos endured It’s nice to know that he’s able to peace and not be engulfed by hate that is consuming his soul.

Atreus the son of Kratos?

Atreus Is the complete opposite to Kratos. As a young child, he views the world with a sense of innocence and is only looking to help those he interacts with. Yet, he’s an novice soldier who is extremely efficient. He can be extremely helpful in the battle by using bow and his tiny size it will assist you defeat the waves of opponents. Simply by pressing the button and command, you can instruct his to aim an archer to disrupt the enemies. It will then jump over the enemy to imprison them. This is extremely useful in taking them down because they’ll not be in a position to defend themselves. This is an artificial intelligence that won’t get out of your way and does not feel like an unwieldy ball and chain to move around. Its various capabilities are vital in surviving battles.

Atreus is extremely self-sufficient and you are able to concentrate highly on your attacks and the opponents you face without any difficulty. Atreus isn’t an enslaved person or a ghost who constantly follows you around. Even if you ignore Atreus, he’ll carry out actions that aren’t out of your way. Additionally, he will help you get around various attacks. Because the camera is closer to Kratos than in the previous games, you won’t observe what’s happening behind his back. And when an opponent tries to strike your character, Atreus will prevent the attack.

In addition to the battles, It’s because of his efforts that the story can move in the right direction. His knowledge of different languages and his ease in understanding different runes are significant assets

Without him, you’ll never be able to advance within the game since the player will assist you in solving the many puzzles and puzzles you encounter in your travels.

Atreus his innocence makes him a beloved character, and his talents make him an essential AI. Santa Monica has balanced Atreus by making him efficient without making him annoying.

The armor and weapons

What could God of War have been without its brutal combat and the brutality that has us adoring the license? In spite of the age of Kratos has reached but he’s not lost his force and is an unstoppable God of War. The battles are as bloody and brutal as ever, and there are a lot of skills at your disposal to fight your foes.

An ability tree for Kratos and Atreus is available. You can gain access to them by making money. The skill tree provides you with the freedom to pick the weapon you want to use and take the fights however you feel appropriate. In reality, a branch is available to use using the axe as well as in addition to your shield as well as for Bow of Atreus. You’ve probably heard about this. However, the Kratos ax can block enemies and then come back independently when you recall it using the triangular key. Also, it is possible to fight using only your hands, which will allow you to knock down as well as weaken your opponent to kill his final battle. This attack was present in earlier God of War games. When you see an enemy on the screen appear to you, hit R3 to activate the mini-kinetic which Kratos can slash through it all at once. This is something that I’ve always loved because every enemy has its individual “finish the guy”, and I enjoyed seeing the creative ways Kratos will finish each one-off. I enjoyed experiencing that sensation again with God of War on PS4.

Combos are multi-faceted and there are 4 weapons you can use to join them with barehanded, axes, shield and bow, as the shield is, in fact, this shield can be used to parry blows, but you can also use it to hit your adversaries. The shield is an innovative function, and it’s not just to attack, but it’s crucial to be able to stop blows and be able to dodge.

Kratos as well as Atreus both come with armor that you can upgrade or enchant for additional effects based on the the stats you’d like to boost. Defense is more crucial than the previous games. At risk is the camera, which blocks you from seeing what’s going on behind you. However, indicators and Atreus warn you when an attack or projectile is approaching.

The various enemies

Draugr Draugr is the foes that you’ll see the most often and come with a variety of variants. They can throw projectiles, while others are made from fire , ice or… But they aren’t the only weapons available and you must learn to adjust to the specific adversary to be aware of which blows are likely to result in more harm. The enemies larger and tougher can also be a threat such as Trolls or Ogres. This is only discussing the enemy you’ll encounter when you’re on the quest. Many enemies await you when you go exploring the area. They are of the coriaceous which will delight the most difficult players.

The epic boss battles an integral part in the gameplay! The only thing I have to say is that I am not happy with the most stunning as well as violent action of Kratos that take place in the film clips. I would love to have felt that I was doing these actions with the QTEs. They are certainly QTEs; however, they are only for minor actions. It might have been better to put them in a different spot to the movies.

Exploration is the essence of the game

God of War’s most exciting new feature is exploration. Everything is inviting you to go on a journey in the sense that God of War is now an open world with plenty of side and other quests can be completed. They allow you to unlock items that can be used to upgrade your weapons or armor. There are plenty of options for all!

Midgard is one world that belong to the kingdom of Odin the god of the gods. In the main story, you’ll visit three of the worlds. Don’t trust the game to guide you to beautiful destinations that you can explore, it’s up to you to discover them! The beautiful landscapes are stunning to look at, along it’s amazing to see that Nordic mythology is everywhere. Statues, runes, and other relics that represent the Gods are on display, and it’s an enjoyable experience to discover how the legends are portrayed. A convenient method of traveling is available, but I would prefer to go by boat and just look around the two heroes and listen to the stories they share about each other.

All elements are designed to help you play this game to escape from the main story for a time. In addition, a variety of things to collect are available, no matter if you’d rather focus on the story or upgrade your armor and weapons, which means you’re not able to get lost in Midgard as well as other universes.

It’s a trip that you can enjoy watching the father-son bond grow throughout the journey as well as meeting the different characters that, for a few, bring an element of humor and provide a more dramatic atmosphere. I’m thinking specifically about Sindri Brok and Mimir three allies who can assist you. A truly social group who make the world a better place and is great to meet. Kratos is used to being alone, and Kratos is a part of a group and lets his humanity shine through is a huge benefit.

A tale that revolves around one of the Norse gods?

The core of the story is the development of Kratos and his human side, as well as his connection to Atreus. It is widely known that family stories in mythology are usually very complicated. Kratos seeks to shield Atreus from the wrath of the Gods and from the calamity that is their destiny.

There are certain Nordic gods such as Freya, the goddess Freya and God Baldur. God Baldur that is the most powerful adversary, or the final boss in God of War. However, this is just the surface of God of War. The story’s backstory is Atreus. The game intends to convey the story to Atreus, his education, and his future responsibilities. It’s his job to end the cycle of tragedy and the blunders the Gods make. It’s his responsibility to present an new picture of Gods by showing them to be not all selfish and can truly be goodness. Do not be a follower of the same path or the brutal path of his father.

Kratos will do anything to hide his past Kratos reveals regrets and is ashamed of them He doesn’t want to portray this as the image of Atreus is to him. This is an extremely deeply moving and emotional adventure between the father who is attracted to his own true essence and a son who doesn’t know who his dad is and doesn’t understand his feelings. Both are learning about each other, and they benefit from each other. Two people who are completely different, yet linked through blood. Kratos’s primary lesson involves teaching Atreus to manage how he feels. This is akin to the anger that caused Kratos while he was in Greece. He was not in control of this, which was a factor in his decisions and choices.

Atreus discovers how to survive and is aware of the responsibilities of being God. Atreus also learns to develop and become more knowledgeable from his loving father. He has an absent father, and despite his belief that Kratos did not love him, He realizes that his father is in a bind and hasn’t had the experience of being able to show his affection for him .

A thrilling adventure

Camera plays a crucial part in the experience in the gameplay. The entire film was shot as the form of a sequence and we must be grateful for this decision. A remarkable fluidity exists between the film and the gameplay scenes. The “non-cutting” of the camera creates the impression it is as if we never quit Kratos as well as Atreus and Atreus, we’re close to them and with them on their journey. Another decision was made by the creators in God of War, it is the camera which is close to Kratos than the previous films. It creates a real sense of proximity and we’re closer in the game’s action.

And there’s the loading screen isn’t there! Screens that load have always had a way to cut me out from my flow and enjoyment. Everything flows, and it’s enjoyable playing. In fact, everything is designed to improve the gaming experience.

All images were shot using PS4.

Warning! Huge SPOILER!

There’s a bonus ending to be found in the game. After you have completed the story, return to your home and sleep. The story will be revealed, and this is a good thing! We can see Thor recognized by his hammer and lightning, walking towards the front of the house but not appearing to visit with friends. Atreus and Kratos awake, and then it’s over. The scene could only signal the follow-up to the original game. We believe the best that Santa Monica will indeed make an announcement and we’ll someday take on Thor.

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