Test of A Blind Legend: When hearing replaces sight in a sound-only adventure!

When video games are getting more and more prevalent, the industry has also been growing. Despite the huge groups dominating the market, some companies can stand out by offering unique content from classic franchises. The goal in the French co-production of DOWiNO along with France Culture, through A Blind Legend, is to offer unique entertainment that can let the eye be opened to the visually blind through a thrilling adventure set that takes place in the middle of the Middle Ages, requiring attention solely to the auditory focus.

The fantastic, yet mostly real world of the game

In this adventure that sounds like a soundtrack in this sound adventure, you take on the role of the famous knight from High Castle, the kingdom’s ruler. High Castle, bearing the name of Edward Blake, and with the unique characteristic of being blind. With the aid by the daughter of his Louise who is his guide, you have to locate the wife of his, captured and detained by the troops of the mad King Thork however, you must also take down this tyrant who is inflicting torture and oppression on the populace. So, this genuinely legendary hero has to complete his mission and locate his beloved, traverse dangerous terrains filled with wild animals, bandits, and, most importantly, the troops of the king.

To advance in this fantasy world of medieval times seeking the head of the king You are uniquely guided by sound and sounds of your surroundings and Louise’s directional clues. Early in the story, the sole reliance on your hearing isn’t easy, but the human brain adjusts, and very quickly, sound can replace sight and allow you to find the most effective and superior elements and obstacles, whether they are hostile or not.

Utilizing headphones or a headset and you’ll be able to visualize all the things around you. Furthermore, everything is designed to recreate the authentic scene of the Medieval time period, with the binaural 3D technology, removing the natural human sound and adding them to the soundtrack, the central storyline and a detailed atmosphere as well as sound effects and dialog.

A world where you must fight for your life

The journey isn’t only about the confrontation

There are instances where you must run away. This can happen to, for example, chases and chases on horseback, and you must avoid or leap over obstacles, whether it’s rocks or trees. If you do not have a horse , the only option is just your legs. The best option is to run while moving as fast as you can, to the tune of Louise’s voice. the hiding spot,a bush, a forest, or maybe the rift that leads to caves.

If the environment is calmer, then you can take the time to relax and enjoy the surroundings by listening to, for instance, the natural sounds around you, the birdsongs, or the sound of the breeze blowing across the forest, or the sound of water coming from waterfalls and rivers.

Additionally, your adventure takes you to various locations, and each one has its unique setting and sound ambiance. Cities are loud and lively, while forests offer some mystery or an eerie and dark atmosphere, and the mountains, gorges or abbayes, or castles will provide you with an equally captivating world.

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