Test: New World (role-playing game)

After a series of delays and difficulties in development, the moment was finally here on the 28th of September 2021: Amazon Game Studios gave the beginning signal for the impressive and exciting online role-playing game New World. Of course, it was just two weeks back. But, we decided to set aside the time to fight through the vast fantasy world of Aeternum and gain the most experience we could. What we learned from it will be revealed in the exam.

A long time ago
In 2016, Amazon Game Studios announced an online role-playing game dubbed New World during TwitchCon – and it had a full-on swag of lots of promises. The curiosity from players in the MMO community was quickly piqued since it was a potential high-level competitor to the prevailing World of WarCraft was on the horizon. It was looking to do things differently.

It was a rather turbulent development period, involving numerous delays, changes, and other obstacles. The original plan was to launch in May 2020; it was September 30th, 2021, to see New World saw the dawn of the day. What is the reason we are telling the story behind this? Because it was similar to the period following the launch. More on that later.

The best adventure starts with the initial step.
Before you can plunge into the world of fantasy, Aternum creating your character is the first thing you do on the program. The editor that you use can give you some discretion regarding this. However, it isn’t as thorough as other MMO rivals. The random generator spews out some genuinely bizarre designs like female faces with thick beards. 

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After a few minutes, however, you’ll indeed have created the character of your dreams – well, maybe not entirely – and move directly into the adventure. Its transition from the editor to the initial cutscene is smooth, creating an enjoyable sense of immersion. You’ll be swept into the action right from the first moment and without any frustrating loading pauses or cutscenes.

Then, you’ll be able to follow an instructional type integrated directly into the game’s world and helps you understand the fundamentals of controls. In this stage, at your current time, you’ll come to understand one of the New World’s most unique features that is combat. In contrast to some of its rivals like World of Warcraft, the battles aren’t automatically triggered, and you’ll need to press buttons at times to start specific skills. Instead, you can anticipate a more precise and action-packed game with New World. Use the right mouse to initiate heavy and light attacks while the left mouse button stops. It is also possible to create a dodge to prevent violent attacks. This all feels like an action-adventure game positively. It is fast-paced, lively, and enjoyable after a quick familiarization. Also, it’s not just meleed fighting, but can also engage from a distance with bows, muskets and fire sticks, and so on.

Everybody can do anything.
You, a discerning reader, probably noticed that we didn’t mention races or classes in the editor for characters. This isn’t an error. However, there is no such thing as a class in New World. All players in take on the role of a human; you won’t find dwarves, elves, or other species. The traditional classification into classes like warrior or healer is not included. It may appear odd to many MMO gamers initially. However, it has an essential benefit in terms of Flexibility.

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Instead of being forced to play specific roles, you decide the direction your character grows based on your style of play and the equipment you use. If you’re primarily using the sword in battle and battles, your skills in this weapon will improve, and you’ll be able to gain new special attacks and bonuses. But you’re not restricted by this. You can use other weapons at any time and increase their effectiveness through the use of the same techniques. As long as you’re at least level 20, you’ll be able to reset points distributed free, which is ideal for those who are undecided who wish to play for a while before making a decision. Furthermore, the system makes it simple to change the roles.

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