Test: Guardians of the Galaxy (Action-Adventure)

Gamora, Drax, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and, of course, Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord Comic fans, have created Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy secret favorite within the Marvel universe; the chaotic group only made a name for the general public because of James Gunn’s dazzling film success. We’ll see if Square Enix succeeds in translating the franchise’s popularity into an enjoyable video game in the review below.

Unexpectedly often appears

Through Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn had pulled off an unexpected success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – hardly any of the characters on their radar. Marvel’s MCU director Kevin Feige as a producer was a wise man; however, to ensure that Star-Lord and his crew aren’t just able to be exempt from the film universe of Marvel for a variety of reasons. However, they also become a (temporary) regularity shortly, alongside numerous new characters, like the Eternals.

It was announced at the hands of Square Enix at this year’s E3 quite unexpected The Guardians of the Galaxy produced at Eidos Montreal is not just dealing in the sense that it’s set in a different timeline, a comic-based one.

Accordingly, the brain conditioned by the movies first has to come to terms with the fact that the story told here comes from the story early phase of the Guardians, does not fit into the movie universe at all. In terms of both content and mechanics, the quartet must also confront the reality that the game from Square Enix, The Avengers, which was designed as a gaming-as-a-service, did not meet the expectations set in the game. This, in turn, could lead to fans of superhero games becoming interested, maybe, but doubtful. I was skeptical despite the initial glowing coverage on 4Players.de. However, it is expected to be released following the introduction and first chapter, where you do not just go through the childhood of Peter Quill and begin your journey as Star-Lord as you listen to a highly charming soundtrack featuring classic 80s hits and beyond, any doubts are eliminated.

A lot of information Much on it.

In the 16 chapters, which is expected to take between 22 to 26 hours at “normal” gaming speed, on the average difficulty level, The game is enjoyable across all levels and excellent in specific areas such as storytelling. Of course, comic book heroes don’t possess the dramatic majesty that Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, or God of War exudes. However, they do have the same way the other Guardians never remain silent and interact with their environment, themselves, and the events. Of course, the character on the screen as the Star-Lord Peter Quill is quite excellent narrative cinema. It’s supported by a host of compelling characters in the elaborately staged scenes. The dialogues are always on the right balance between seriousness, a large amount of comedy (including funny gags, some of which only get solved after a long time), and a bit of self-irony, and there is drama. The humor is always there and is revealed the first time you encounter Groot. Nova Corps and the company description written by Groot is about The Gardeners of the Galaxy (in the original version: Gardeners of the Galaxy). This is the direction directed by most of the largely unerringly sparky gags.

The typical actions of games can also be used as targets: If you search for occasionally stray paths within the main linear adventure, which typically include the raw materials needed for upgrades and brand new outfits for the Guardians, It doesn’t take much time for other players to express their opinions on this. Gamora’s angry-neutral “Peter, What are you doing?” is the most innocent thing. Since, at the present moment, when Rocket is upset at having to waste time and effort to gather items that aren’t worth it, Eidos holds a mirror in front of you regarding the behavior of the game’s conditioned players. In this way, it can be noted that there’s an abundance of collecting material there, and it’s utilized for passive boosts and also for action improvements to Star-Lord. The delicate balance between the story, (limited) area exploration, and battles in arenas against a fair amount of monsters or humanoids works for the majority of times.

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