Test: Farming Simulator 22 (Simulation)

If you drive on the roads leading to the countryside in the “Alte Land” close to Hamburg, the autumnal waning day’s apple orchards dominate the left and right of the highway. On the road’s asphalt (usually directly in the direction of your vehicle), trucks that have empty or full trailers are preparing to complete the harvest. The same thing happens every year. Each time I’m frustrated in the car increases. Since obviously, you’re in a hurry and can’t make it through. Now I’m able to get my revenge. Today, I’m in the tractor. This makes farming Simulator 22 a possibility. How I did, you’ll find out in the test.

A word of caution: this is my first time playing a game in the series. It’s trendy, particularly in Germany. Of course, I’m used to simulations that are commonplace. Although I’ve not had the chance to try it yet, just out of curiosity, I’ve checked out titles such as Car Mechanic Simulator or PC Building Simulatorlooked at. For one, these games are a bit opposite direction. They do not have the same acclaim that the well-loved LaWi games have enjoyed over a long time, along with various spin-offs, especially in Germany. In terms of daily simulations are concerned I’ve had the opportunity to gain some test data with titles such as Trainz or Train Sim World however, they’re not helping me here neither do they help me here.

Since I am a complete newcomer to the virtual world of farming, I do not know the names of the various equipment pieces you can flange before and behind the vehicles. I only have a basic knowledge of what they’re being used for or are utilized for. I’m not aware of “industrial” seeding or the right time of year to do it. I’m not a green thumb and do not know horses, livestock breeding or beekeeping, or little about the forestry industry. I’m a video gamer equivalent to Jeremy Clarkson, who provides fascinating insights and hilarious situations by letting his farm be part of Amazon Prime. However, my work is less popular and (depending on the person you inquire about). And I’m afraid I can only provide rudimentary interesting

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insights into my wealth of experience with this test, which I’ve built up while playing and which is more related to gameplay contexts, emerging motivation, and technical conspicuities anyway. There haven’t been any hilarious scenarios for me, other than moments where I, for instance, just threw the costly fertilizer onto the road after hitting one of the wrong buttons.

The Ox standing on the mountain’s monitor.
That the oxen don’t just in the pastures, and I come to a stop at the foot of the mountain because this year’s edition of Farming Simulator with this year’s version is aimed at experienced players. For amateur farmers who are acquainted with the subject. There is a basic tutorial in two good-sized maps. You get the basics of sowing or harvesting and get your first-hand insights into the world of market economics. However, afterward, I didn’t feel any more knowledgeable than before. It’s good to get an initial idea of what the game is looking for from you or what you need to do to celebrate your success. However, some areas, such as cattle breeding or forestry, are not even considered, and you’re referred to the appropriate website.

The problem here: the content there is also still incomplete, videos are not (yet) available, and everything is somehow “work-in-progress.” But that doesn’t hinder me. Why would I? The proof is at the table. However, especially for novices who are just beginning, a more lengthy tutorial with clearly more intricate objectives and also tips about how to accomplish these goals would be beneficial.
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It is mainly the research of relevant forums and instructional videos that are provided by the highly active community. However, even with this help, it is still a long way from the theory of how you can “do” all things with Farming Simulator 22 to the practical implementation and the subsequent profits, which includes reinvestment into new equipment or additional fields.

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