Test Farming Simulator 19: When becoming a farmer comes close to reality!

It’s taken more than two years ago, following Farming Simulator 17, that fans have long waited for the brand new version of the farming managing and simulation games available on PC or home consoles. Since then, a new 2018 edition called Farming Simulator 18 was released however it was only available for portable consoles, such as Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, and PlayStation Vita, as well as for iOS as well as Android.

This anticipation was met by numerous innovations. For instance, the incorporation of horses alongside the other animals present, the introduction of new equipment and vehicles, including the inclusion of the iconic American company John Deere as well as the mechanics behind liming and growing weeds that need more work within your field, two brand new maps, and both new crop varieties, oats and cotton that in turn require the latter to have special equipment.

An initiation that can be somewhat…complicated

The initial steps of the series and, in particular, the latest installment, Farming Simulator 19, may be complicated as it is imperative to understand the basics of farming and be aware of the latest features added. To prevent you from being in the wild, without understanding the dangers, the creators have redesigned the use of an instructional tutorial with six key concepts to learn and comprehend to ensure that you can later go into the journey, either on your own or in multiplayer, with peace.

Beginning with arable crops and then crop protection and fertilizer applications, the management of forests, which involves cutting and transporting wood, the progression aspects of game mechanics are rapid. It allows players to understand the fundamentals of operating vehicles and their application simplified; however, it’s not a complete game and doesn’t help new players.

If you’re all set to start your farm business, All you have to do is select the game mode and then dive into either of the two new maps. one of which is the European one that is located in Felsbrunn that is very difficult to walk on and one in United States Ravenport that is flat. But, this is where things become complicated when you’re a brand novice to playing the game. The development studio has stated the fact that ” Farming Simulator 19 requires an enormous amount of effort for new players,” getting started with New Farmer, the New Farmer game mode, is often a bit daunting.

In reality, after establishing the handful of fields you have that are available to you, players are likely to wish to increase and expand their farming businesses. It is necessary to look at the equipment you want to buy, which can be somewhat more complex than you would think. Although well-organized, catalogs include a variety of agricultural products that could lead to the loss of players in the process. Additionally, being unsure of what gear to purchase for a specific piece of equipment could cause excessive purchases of equipment, which can result in a loss of money that, from the beginning, can be a bit tense.

Then comes the notion of helping other farmers to earn revenue. This could include the plowing of a field, spreading lime or fertilizer, or simply transporting resources. However, as with all tasks, mistakes can be many and lead to loss of time and even money when the task isn’t completed.

The difficulty varies based on the desire to farm

This ode to Farming Simulator illustrates well the concept of the creators regarding the idea of leaving the option to the community regarding the difficulty of the game, based on the game you want to play that is played, and whether it is easy or average or even close to the role-playing experience. This is evident in different game types, including the New Farmer where one is equipped with basic equipment installed, as well as fields, and the farm. This allows new players and even veterans to explore a simpler world to start.

If you’re experienced with the game’s mechanics, then you’re able to enter the farm Manager game mode but only with an enormous amount in cash. It’s your responsibility to decide where your farm should be while allowing yourself to play with the new mechanic for building placement and then purchase the tools you need to grow the crops you’ve selected.

The final, most challenging method, plunging you into the most realistic version of what farmers today encounterin the environment of global competition beginning from zero. In this phase in the simulation, you’ll have to manage with a limited budget in the beginning and have to make decisions, like likely to do without specific equipment or lease equipment to avoid going into the black. Additionally, to improve things, the costs of livestock and grain items are meager, pushing you to make more and earn less every time.

Additionally, when the game is launched, whether in multiplayer or single, it is possible to alter the speed at which your development, or activate or deactivate specific parameters like the presence of weeds, the necessity to use lime and also the number of times fertilizer has to be spread to get the best yield. Additionally, you can have the option of selecting realistic options like the Start & Stop, or the automatic engine starts upon entering the vehicle. In the end, this allows you to plunge into the game slowly and increase the challenges over hours of gameplay and also right starting from the beginning if you desire more intense gameplay.

Gameplay based upon the ranching and farming industries

With the catalog that has more than 300 products and 100 different manufacturers and 100 manufacturers, this Farming Simulator once again offers huge flexibility in purchasing and making use of the equipment. It’s true, no matter tractor models of various categories harvesters, combines mowers, forage harvesters, forestry equipment, and the classic American pickups and trucks the selection of options allows to choose whether or not to use specific brands based on the preferences of every one of us.

Additionally, garages are not restricted to the manufacturer or even assets like capability, maneuverability, and maneuverability since the layout of certain machines is an additional asset. For instance, the dimensions of the wheel can be used if they are small to prevent the destruction of crops and is one of the latest mechanics implemented in this work. Also, there is possibility of possibility of using quadruple tires per axle. of changing your engine’s power by deciding the number of hitches or just being capable of alter the appearance due to the variety of colors available.

Furthermore, the choice of crops and agricultural activities is equally important. This can be accomplished through the traditional methods like plowing or sowing, fertilizing, and harvesting vegetables, cereals, or plants, but also through the management of animals. You must be able to handle the demands of animals. the Farm Simulator 19 also includes horses and requires additional time to care for the animals.

Although the benefit is having the opportunity to move around freely on your farm or trade your most prized foals at a fair price horses require plenty of attention, as do cows or any other animal that could be kept. Along with growing grass or cereals, especially for horses, it is essential to make sure that they have a constant supply of water and the hygiene of their home.

If breeding and cultivation do not appeal to you, you could consider forest management that also requires attention. Our beloved trees deserve to be cared for with care, whether it is first planting them and then watching their progress as the years are passing, or be able to enjoy cutting them into smaller pieces using chainsaws, or the making use of a forestry tool which is better than a chainsaw for this task.

The new graphics may not be convincing

This version of Farming Simulator highlights its new graphics engine that supplies users with more realistic renderings of the new environment. Players who had one of the earlier episodes of the series realized this quickly, as it offers significant improvements in the visual effects and textures; however it’s not a revolutionary change in the world of graphics for video games neither.

One advantage this game provides is that, even with the addition of a brand-new graphic engine that is more powerful, smaller configurations do not experience delays or drops in FPS at all, something that is uncommon for games that’s this big.

The community One that has a spare wheel in the game?

Multiplayer is among the most important aspects of the sport. Perhaps one of the greatest adventures is joining the online servers. If you’ve been kicked off due to your inexperience, a server is provided to you. This is the moment when a new adventure begins.

Even though the community is extremely demanding, mostly toward newcomers, they are extremely passionate about the sport. This is a benefit even though some newcomers may be quite harsh. However, the passion for farming and the beautiful machines counts overall . So, you’re sure to be surrounded by groups of people with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Prevail and the guarantee of the transmission of knowledge and methods of learning in the quest to become a great farmer.

Additionally, we can observe this participation of players in Farming, particularly through the numerous mods available. Similar to Farming Simulator 17, the mods platform is back to ensure everyone’s enjoyment. Alongside adding new content to the ones already established in the game, mods also allow adding crops, activities, and maps and maps, some of which are already in use.

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