Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge Review Review

Ah, nostalgia! If you can use it in a smart way you’ll be successful. This is exactly what the authors of the beat’em-up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge did using the iconic images of Turtles from the 90s cartoons and transferring it to time-classic games such as Turtles In Time and Turtles In Time. You will probably know the end result will be.

  • Producer:Tribute Games
  • Publisher: Dotemu, Gamera Games
  • Date of release:June 16, 2022

You’d think I’d be a huge Turtles fan, and to have watched my entire life watching them eat pizzas in the sewers and constantly fight Shredder However, the show was not my top choice as a child. This review is written from the standpoint of a neutral gaming enthusiast who doesn’t view the game from the perspective of nostalgia.

..that’s the way I thought it was until I started Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge. It takes me back to my childhood right from the beginning frames, when it plays the splash screen. The screen is a complete reversal of the 1987 animated series. It made me feel happy and childlike and it’s hard to envision what fans of Ninja Turtles experienced. The sensation that I didn’t have a laptop display that played the game before me, but instead a television with a cartoon was not gone until the very end of the episode.

“Shredder’s Revenge” is a straightforward tale that starts in Bebop and Rocksteady invading Channel Six. They take over a nightmare device to unravel Krang and execute Shredder’s sinister scheme. Naturally, the group of Turtles together with Splinter along with April O’Neil, quickly jump into the same van and go on pursuit of the criminals.

The game is made up of brief missions that last between 5 and 10 minutes at medium difficulty. you race around points on the global map , and beat all the people we encounter, even those who are bosses at the conclusion of each game’s level. The game Shredder’s Revenge we’ll visit a number of locations from the first animated series. We’ll drive through Manhattan and visit Coney Island, and go into Dimension X. The original show also takes us to the underground.
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Gameplay is a typical beat’em-up, the traditional gameplay has been tweaked by the specialists in the genre who were involved in Street of Rage 4. Before we begin the game, we’re shown key combinations of 21 moves for various situations that you can encounter. If you do not study them, you’ll be prepared, just like me to be sucked into by anyone you meet.

All we have to accomplish in the level is to take them all (don’t surprise yourself by making a face). There are many enemies, each with an individual approach. Additionally, you’ll come across destructible objects in the levels, which can hide delicious pizza that replenishes health, or gives bonuses or hidden items to help you get to the level 100 percent.

There are challenges with each mission. You must avoid taking any damage, throw five enemies at the screen and breaking down”the “fourth wall” with the help of items you choose to defeat four foes… They’re difficult, but not mandatory to complete.

Heroes are ranked between 0 and 10 that they gradually progress to. It’s not possible to increase their ranks at your own pace hereYour characters gain extra lives or abilities when they attain a certain rank. There’s nothing supernatural about it, which means you are able to change your characters during the course of.

The game is fairly short and will take 2.5 hours to complete, however that’s only assuming that players have similar kind of hands that I have – on medium difficulty I was able to lose, and lose more than times. However, I wouldn’t consider the game easy , some enemies and bosses can force you to think carefully, rather than attacking them with every kind of weapons you could think of. Shredder’s Reward has 16 levels total However, every level will come with a boss waiting to greet you, and at the end, there will be two bosses at once.

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Smooth pixel graphics, peasant animation, humorous, 16-bit music – all of these elements can be more immersed into the atmosphere of the game. They also create an emotion of nostalgia even if you’ve watched just 1 episode in the show. Perhaps you’ve not watched it all.

I was impressed by the gamepad’s capabilities, I connected to my DualShock 4 and it was recognized without issue the buttons that were included in the game replaced by those on the gamepad.

However, it’s more exciting If you have a group of others to play with and make your evening. you can play with your friends on your own screens and on the network and you can play with up to five buddies as part of an entire team. Co-op games are sure to be full of memories and laughter however, it’s not going to be dull either.

The recipe for Teenage-Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge to take the beat’em’up, mix it up with new mechanics, and then add a dash of nostalgia to the classic cartoons… Oh, too much! It’s an excellent game that is unique to its style, and we’ve placed it on the shelves next to Street of Rage 4 and invite all to play.

Notice: I am aware of the pityful situation with the Russian language localization. The developers removed it just only a few hours prior to the release date, claiming that it was to be a bug. Was it a bug, or was it caused by other reasons? I’m not sure. But with no translation, the game is enjoyable to play because it’s practically useless when playing only a single page of text. the player will be able to understand in English.

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