Teaser For The Next Season Of Rainbow Six Siege Confirms The Leak About The Operative With The Kunai

In the coming week, Ubisoft announces that they will announce an additional season of community support to Rainbow Six Siege. Today, the company released the teaser and, judging from the reference to the knife in the text, the leaks that have been floating across the Web are at the very least real.

The official details for the coming season aren’t available So let’s look at the ones that aren’t official:

  • The new update will be Demon Veil.
  • The Siege
    The defense will be strengthened by another Japanese female Azami. Her criteria:

    • Second stage of armor, speed.
    • Main weapons: 9x19VSN (Kapkan and Tachanka submachine gun) or ACS12 (Maestro and Alibi shotgun).
    • Weapons for auxiliary use – D-50 (Valkyrie, Blackbeard and Nokk large-caliber pistol).
    • The most important gadget is Kunai. What they are able to do isn’t clear.
    • Another gadget is bars of wire, or impact grenades.
  • Reconstructed map. Which one isn’t clear; possibly the less well-known “Tower?”

Season 1 of seventh season of Siege will air on February 19, 6:30 PM MSK, on Twitch. In regards to the plans for all in 2022. The game’s developers will start talking about on February 20 at 19:00.

It is likely that this is the way Azami appears to be.

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