Team17 Announced The Nft On Worms Despite Protests From Developers

The creators of the well-loved Worms series have rushed to join the growing speed of the NFT train. Team17 will launch a limited edition collection of MetaWorms with original digital drawings to be protected and distributed through Reality Gaming Group.

Team17 claims that Team17 affirms that the NFTs it uses are environmentally friendly because they use a second branch of the Ethereum blockchain. The energy required to create 100,000 tokens is equivalent to the energy consumed by a kettle in eleven homes for the year. The publisher plans to utilize some of the money earned from the NFT to support a worthy cause: the recycling of worms from food waste.

The only piece that is not yet in the collection is a 3D creature with an artificial eye and a holy grenade that is in its hand. an ethereal, rainbow-colored 3D model.

As Eurogamer found out later, many team17 employees were unaware of the imminent NFT. Some employees were informed of the company’s plans before the deal was concluded and protested. However, the announcement was made anyway. The publisher is receiving many angry messages from people on social media.

The company does not plan to include NFT tokens and mechanics to its indie games that it releases, according to an official from Team17. The new technology will only impact only the Worms Series in the event that management decides to reverse its decision following a negative reactions from fans.

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