Tales of Arise – Fire and Sword Review Review

The boy who is not feeling any discomfort, or the one who brings it to him with each touch. He is the only one to grasp the astral blade which burns his body. The only person who can treat the wounds he has suffered. They come from different worlds. However, their fates are connected. The new game based on One of the world’s most played JRPGs, Tales of Arise, turned out. Tell us about it by writing a review.

  • Producer: BANDAI NAMCO
  • Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO
  • Publishing date: September 10, 2021

For a glance, I would not have been able to find the time or the mental strength to research and analyze all the latest installments in the franchise before beginning an evaluation of the seventeenth installment in the franchise. This isn’t to say that I’ve not been intrigued by their universes before Tales of Destiny 1 and 2 and The expanded release of Tales of Vesperia, after which I only skimmed Zestiria and Berseria, as well as Xillia as well as Phantasia (great games, according to reports), were intentionally left out.

My reluctance to dive into the work of Tales is because I’ve never been a fan of the combat system of the games. There was nothing I liked about the games I’ve played that have been fun. I was irritated by the chaotic battles (from the beginning, combats within Tales were real-time). I was also troubled by the camera. And when Namco finally came up with some shaky moves to create a 3D field, I was irritated by the sloppy controls. There were other issues; however, it’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m unable to stay away from the brand new Tales of Arise. It’s not simply because it’s gorgeous in certain places or even because it’s got a fantastic plot (by it’s way of saying, the other sections also have excellent stories) and also because I’m finally enjoying the game, which includes the battles whether it’s with regular players or intense bossfights.

It is important to note that the battle isn’t perfect, even now. Namco isn’t looking to heal certain wounds, and some were eliminated in the course of the overall game. But, Tales of Arise stood out for me as being the maturest and the best installment of the franchise, in which the well-written characters and thrilling stories are finally balanced by decent gameplay. But let’s put the story in chronological order. It all started three centuries back…


  • One Nameless Slave as well as a a Stranger dressed in white Dress
  • 2. How does can we explain the story is made Tales of Arise
  • 3 The combat system and character development
  • 4 A word on the cons of the strategy
  • 5 Conclusion

The slave who is not named and the stranger wearing a white dress

Two twin worlds, which the locals refer to them as the planets Dana and Renu, orbit so close that it appears that if you speed up using Jet thrust, you could jump to the surface of the nearby world. Dana’s inhabitants Dana adhere to the old ways of life and are in harmony with nature. they are akin to traditional medieval fantasy. However, the world is different on Rene as it is a science fiction society with engineering tech, genetic engineering, and techno-magic.

A few hundred years before the games began, the Renians put hand-monster Zoggles and knights of the elite class into spaceships and traveled to a planet during the war; however, they did not encounter any resistance. Their superiority was quite impressive. Within a few days, beautiful Dana was taken over and under control. For those who survived the massacre, they Danish went through a period of slavery and tyranny.

The new masters split the unhappily Dana into 5 states. A guardian lord from the core, which is the source of the magical power of the people of Rena, was chosen to lead each. One of them who’s core absorbs the most energy from astral will become the complete ruler of the planet that was invaded, and each lord devised their method to harness the power that the central core.

The main character is a young man who has been encased with an iron mask. One year back, he lost all his memories and rediscovered himself in the fiery lands of Orbus-Celagius. The ruler is named Lord Balzef. The boy lives with the enslaved people who live in the urban slums of Mozgul, the biggest iron ore mine in the world. Each day they struggle until exhaustion, suffer hunger, suffer the beatings of wardens, and are not aware that they are taking their vitality by implanting crystals into the hands of enslaved people.

Alphen, formerly known by Iron Mask, feels no pain whatsoever, but the sense of justice he has is good. He is always there for those who are weak and, despite his whacks, performs the most challenging job to protect children and women from it and keep track of the people who suffer from exhaustion every day. Not the slightest chance of defying the dictates of the slavers. The Danes did not stand a chance till one of Bolsef’s freighters was ruthlessly attacked by a particular resistance group.

A woman in a stunning white dress escapes from a deliberately sabotaged train. After fleeing from her attackers, The stranger jumps onto another train and is greeted for the first time by Alphen, who is working for the railway. The young man interprets the stranger’s appearance to warn that he is a threat and immediately hurries into combat. After enlisting the help of rebels and a few other heroes, they manage to escape to shelters. However, the person who was running is taken prisoner and beaten by Red Ravens, as the Danish that opposes the rule of Balzef are known.

It’s been discovered that the girl, in fact, is an actual Renian who is sought for theft of the local lord’s primary core of fire. In addition, she’s under some kind of curse that anyone who comes in contact with her suffers the most intense burning pain regardless of whether they wish for the experience. She refers to herself as Shion but is unwilling to engage in conversation.

In a moment of decisive importance amid Bolzef’s misfits storming the Raven’s hideout, Shion is wounded with an archery crossbow, but the bolt is aimed at the core. Alphen rushes towards the gorgeous Renian and catches her despite her curse, and then pulls the edge of her chest. This transforms into a massive, burning blade; one shot was sufficient to smolder the entire team of chasers.

Alphen doesn’t feel any pain as the knife’s blaze slowly consumes the flesh of his body and drains his vitality. However, Shion is skilled at making the most painful injuries. Shion admits that she aims to take down the oppressors of Dana and is prepared to go to any lengths to protect those who are people who are oppressed. Because Shion can’t use sword power sword and Alphen refuses to obey this sword’s commands, the two heroes join forces to achieve a unifying purpose. The adventure begins with Tales of Arise, and you can be sure that there will be plenty more thrilling and beautiful moments in the game!

The way in which the universe in Tales of Arise works

The gameplay is roughly similar to the earlier games of the franchise. However, the graphics have been upgraded two levels in Unreal Engine 4 with Namco’s trademark three-dimensional animation, dynamic changing times of the day, beautiful landscapes, stunning scenery, and unique backdrops. The new game in the Tales franchise is finally looking like a next-gen game which is perhaps even a little inferior to the previous Scarlett Nexus in the anime portion.

Amidst an unfinished and empty map, we finally gave up. The map is confined to beautiful constructed and vast corridors with numerous branches, each one that holds a reward or the chance to take on a new task. The selected hero travels swiftly across the globe and can sprint, swim and even leap over the gap and the canyons.

The developers excel at animations, movement, interaction with objects, and gestures. Sometimes, it’s as if you’re playing Genshin Impact, with your character climbing a steep climb over vines, picking up wild, other root veggies.

Namco has been able to find a balance between travelling around the world, battles, stories, and happenings. There’s no need to run around, not much fighting, and the story is ever-changing; however, it doesn’t take long to get bored because of the abundance of cut-scenes and dialogue. You can freely traverse the game’s rapid-traveling areas, you will be able to avoid most enemies, and you can collect resources by following the locations of the markers on the map. All of the action is designed to ensure the player’s comfort and comfort, which isn’t typical of a jRPG.

Tales of Arise is still a dialogue scene initiated by the player upon request. They are illustrated by small three-dimensional comics divided into windows, and through them, the player is provided with a wealth of information on the character’s personality—the characters. But, the characters can communicate pretty well “on the go” as they are in the background and aren’t afraid to converse while camping.

Camping is a way for characters to recuperate and re-engage in cooking, a handy skill in this episode. Like the previous installment, some characters can cook certain meals better than others. The food results are equally applicable to all the people in the group for some time following a rest. 20-minute boosts in health regeneration following combat, enhanced resistance, and luck in finding resources, similar to the game Final Fantasy XV.

The majority of the ingredients, including the ore, are found worldwide. Therefore, recipes come from a variety of sources. But the gourmet traveler is included in this recipe. Ore, as a matter of fact, can be helpful in the career of an engraver—an expert in accessory crafting. The reagents for Kraft have various qualities and levels. The final product can be modified to make the desired effects, such as improving the damage amulet and giving the host penetration and protection.

The clever idea forced me to create the items, collect ore and gather equipment for different scenarios. These situations are not uncommon in the face of the staggering number of world and story bosses, including gigantic Zogl that you must defeat. Your team will receive important resources and plenty of knowledge.

The game also features the blacksmith, armor, and weapons that he gathers from the items that heroes collect during battle. The armor, however, doesn’t alter the appearance of the heroes – it’s a part of personalization. However, the weapon’s appearance changes, as does their look. This is stored in the database. They can be changed at any point; they can be altered inside the dressing room.

This game asks players to find Owls in the wild as a side activity. Each will give you a visible reward such as a mustache, glasses, Hare Ears, glasses, or an owl’s tail. As you move through the story, you’ll meet the king of owls. He’ll give you skins in exchange for the discovery of Wards, and Puhunya The owl girl, wizard Rinwell, will assist in finding them.

The basic game comes with only a few costumes. However, you can purchase an enhanced version with some of the most adorable weapons and costumes and get twelve disabled modifiers, such as additional experience or talent points, upgraded gear, and three exclusive “Titles” that have powerful capabilities and improvements. There are not just costumes you can buy as well as additional qualifications.

The game has many little pleasures and features that significantly simplify and broaden the game’s experience for players through Tales of Arise. For instance, there are dialog clouds above the NPCs with whom you can chat. If you talk to them, the cloud is marked by an asterisk. This means that the character will not speak to you in a unfamiliar way, and you won’t need to interpret his words in the city in which there are plenty of people similar to his.

Players can select the leader of their squad who will be the main protagonist when exploring the world and a different character they control in combat. In time, characters can perform specific actions on the map, complete fascinating side quests, take on fish, and take care to build personal bonds within the camp. Unfortunately, the game did not specify how the dialogues in special situations affect, but it did promise excellent bonus features.

There’s a lot to be found in Tales of Arise, and If you’ve played other games from the series, you’re likely to remember that they’re constantly introducing new choices. The more you progress in your storyline, the greater game possibilities the player will have. There’s no reason to be disappointed this timearound, either. Let’s talk about the combat system as well as the developing system.

The battle system and character development

There are three ways to combat: semi-automatic, automated, and completely manual. The last one is a little more free of movement. However, before you attack your adversary, they will move close to the enemy by themselves. Therefore, I prefer to control the character manually. Particularly since the camera doesn’t restrict you, your character can be precisely controlled, and switching from the closest one is a simple click.

A specific dodge button can cancel any damage and permit you to start an attack if you possess the necessary skills. It’s not a waste of time, particularly for those with the skill of avoiding through the air. Like before, there are three buttons to perform the three jumps; however, you can also use air skills to jumping.

The battle is the process of inflicting constant destruction using a combination of regular attacks and moves that involve throwing your opponent into the air, taking him down on the fly before bringing him to the ground using finishing abilities. Of course, you could also use ground combos. The main goal is to not repeat the same attack over and over again in the same way since the game is based on to be a game of “efficiency,” as a result of which the skill is unable to retain the properties of stanlocks, allowing your opponent for an attack.

To use any attack skill such as magic, astral techniques, or a sequence of strikes with a sword, characters utilize the scale of approach whose points are replenished during combat but slower when they apply attacks. However, support skills use healing points, which is a standard for all team vessels with vitality. Therefore, they need to be watched for consumption, just as with Manna.

The healing points are replenished when your periods of rest, using specific consumables, or by the effect of food. They are used (mainly with Shion) to repair team statistics, eliminate negative statuses or boosts, and other crucial items. Furthermore, healing points can be used to fund certain events happening n the world and for the rteam’s recoveryafter defeating during an everyday battle, and it is impossible to increase their value using any equipment or skills. The OI vessel expands as the team’s levels increase and by discovering unique artifacts. For instance, astral colors are dropped by world bosses.

Every fighter has their own unique and special boosted attack, and the range of use for the boosted attack gradually increases during the fight. Sheehan is an example. He can take off all flying enemies with his unique beam. Lowe can penetrate barriers, and Rinwell can disrupt an opponent’s reading, copy it, and use it against adversaries.

Different abilities are available to every hero. Alphen can use his flaming sword, not only with XP but also health, in conjunction with his attacks. Shion can throw bombs at enemies and then explode them. Rinwell can discern a spell and stop it, read another, and cast multiple spells, enhancing the power of his magic.

If the combo’s cumulative effect gets long enough or the opponent is wholly exhausted left, heroes get to perform a joint-enhanced attack – an incredibly animated attack that does massive, devastating damage to most enemies. Also, there’s The Force of Light, which gives the heroes a temporary boost of HP as well as the ability to perform an incredibly crushing attack.

Every character in your team has three unique rules. The parameters for Alphen are Sword Strike, Air Strike as well as Fire Strike. They increase as you practice every type of skill, and once you have reached an amount, the ability becomes apparent to the protagonist. This isn’t the only way to acquire mastery in Tales of Arise. Tales of Arise has a “Titles” system.

It’s a kind of accomplishment that is attainable through a variety of methods through the preparation of a specific quantity of dishes, performing a certain amount in the enhanced strike, getting a certain amount of owls, etc. Every “Title” unlocks the mini-tree of talents to the use of points earned. In the hidden are new abilities, modifiers or even unique mechanics, and lots of exciting things. In the course of the game, your characters acquire special skills, unlock new skills, and increase their fighting abilities as they did in the previous installments in the series.

A few words on the disadvantages of the strategy

If there was anything that I found in Tales of Arise that confused me, it was the system of strategy. The actions of each of the heroes fighting are now governed by designers, and design require the only acts of self-defense and support. It is no longer free to choose targets for your fellow soldiers. They can decide on who to target and which abilities to employ.

Making a plan to take on the boss who is dangerous, You won’t find an instruction that instructs you to have an impact on a specific character, and you aren’t able to command weaker, physically weak characters to stay away from the enemy from melee fighters, but not push them away from the fight. This, to me, is bizarre, particularly if you wish to take on the role of Shion and Rinwell.

The desire to switch will go away rapidly when you realize the girls show much better when they are not in your presence than they do when you control them. It is important to note that the player has access to 3 of the considerable skills of the heroines. they will need to pick between healing, other positive effects, and the various types of magic. The AI is empowered to use the whole arsenal of abilities.

In defense of AI, I think it’s worthwhile to mention that they are quite effective. Heroes operating in automatic mode successfully utilize both special skills and extraordinary strength. You should be able to take part in creating combos. avoid and disengage themselves when the situation demands it, and also rapid healing and all sorts of help allies.

Additional abilities of engraved accessories include modifiers for the aggression of enemies. So, weaker fighters could be provided with things that make them less noticeable while strong, however – objects which make them look more attractive. It’s a bit more difficult than establishing a strategy by hand for each hero, but it’s a lot easier for novices to engage in a fight without worrying about the specifics immediately.


I didn’t anticipate miraculous things in Tales of Arise, but for some reason, I was hoping to see a miracle. The series is pretty boring, the genre itself is somewhat sluggish, and the desire for stunning Japanese stories featuring stunning scenery hasn’t waned. I’m happy it was Tales of Arise, a game from a series that I’m not particularly fond of, that was able to satisfy my thirst to the max.

Namco has once again invested in an emotional, and solid story created fantastic characters, and worked difficult to make the world look beautiful this world. They have close to completing the fighting system. If this is the case, the next game will be able to switch characters during combat and escape by disrupting animation methods. I’d love to see that.

Tales of Arise is highly recommended not only to avid fans of the series as well as to those who are looking to get into the jRPG but haven’t found “that” game. This is a significant leap towards the future for Namco and will be a significant boost for the entire franchise.

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