Syberia The World Before – Quest as Art Review

One of the most influential creators of video games, Benoit Sokal, is not with us anymore; However, his legacy continues thanks to Microids. Microids. A brand new game based on Maestro Sokal’s world is set to see the dawn of the dawn on the 18th of March 2022. Here’s a short description of what’s in store for those who love the story in Syberia It’s the World Before.

  • Producer: Microids Studio Paris
  • Publisher: Microids
  • Please note: March 18, 2022

Let’s begin, perhaps, by asking a critical issue: “Is Syberia: The World Before worth your time if you’re not familiar with previous installments in the series?” Based on its title, The World Before’s plot will focus on past events from the not too far-off past, but it will also be a continuation of The World Before will be an exact continuation of the story of Kate Walker in the same way as if the game was assigned a number instead of the subtitle.

The players will find extremely discreet notes on the results in Syberia 3 in the diaries; However, to comprehend Kate’s motivations and her relationships with the main characters and to understand the extent of her journey, they’ll need to study at least the timeline of events using the internet or in a book.

However, Syberia: The World Before is a standalone story divided into two different timelines: The first begins one year following the trilogy’s conclusion. And the second takes place in 1937, in Wagene in the Netherlands, in which there is the National Socialist Ostertal Party, popularly referred to in the present as “Brown Shadows,” which is only getting its first power.

How did the early twentieth century artifacts get on a train abandoned within the iron taiga of the Nazis? The main character’s mother received a musical amulet featuring an old Wagen anthem? And what is it that makes the girl that is on the canvas discovered inside an abandoned tube appear so similar to Kate Walker – in The World Before, the plot threads extend across time in unexpected ways, and the characters, along with Kate, must unravel the mystery.

We’ll be preparing a comprehensive review with no spoilers ahead of the game’s launch; however, here is some basic information regarding the game’s upcoming release:

  • In Syberia the World Before, the sensual soundtrack composed by experienced composer Enon Zuhr, written with the help of an incredibly talented American piano player Emily Bear. Microids was particularly attentive to the musical aspects of Syberia: The World Before because the top part in the narrative from the previous era was performed by a talented young student at the Wagen Academy of Music.
  • Syberia: The World Before is among the most stunning modern action games, featuring beautifully coordinated color schemes, astonishingly realistic animations, hair and reflection physical effects. When textures don’t shine and the game has a captivating effect due to its visuals, assisted by a camera that constantly finds the most optimal angles.

    • Similar to the studio’s previous work, steampunk is beautifully weaved into the structure of Syberia the World Before. The most enjoyable part is Wagen that you’ll be able to visit multiple times during the duration in the course of play. Streets of cobblestone with cast metal rain gutters, wrought-iron fences, flower-decorated facades of homes, stunning streetcars and clock towers powered by automated vehicles, live acoustics, and you’ll be able to instantly feel the ambience and be tuned in the way you want to.

Each heroine has an account book: Dana has it well-groomed and beautifully decorated, reminding the diary of Max in Life is Strange; Kate’s is a worn-out, shabby notebook that is a bit worn-out. The girls record their thoughts and current tasks within it and then file notes and stickers along with items from their inventory. The menu is easy to follow and well-organized.

  • The HUD interface is minimized to ensure that players are not distracted by their game and take pictures. There are only a few elements in the upper right-hand corner of the monitor, which leads to the agenda menu, the agenda, and a brief list of objectives. When the question mark icon appears, the player can request a hint, and the heroine can share her opinions on the present assignment.
  • Syberia: The World Before is a classic quest for point-and-click that features modernized gaming. The player moves and glances around using the pointer, and the items that are of interest are highlighted when you hover your mouse over them. Interactivity was born and even became a type of QTE-mechanics using the mouse. You do not only click where you want to; however, you can perform a variety of movements.

  • The game allows players to play the player to take a break from the main road to complete a side trip. In return, players will be given additional stories to reveal better the characters and the environment surrounding them. It’s not unusual to be required to select and participate in different dialogs.

The launch of Syberia: The World Before on PC will be on March 18. The game is fully translated into Russian and has recommended requirements for the system are Nvidia RTX 2070 as well as i7 8700. A console-based version of Microids promises to be released in the coming year; however, they have not yet announced a specific date. The project is currently available to pre-order through Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store.

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