Swordy, take up arms and leave no survivors!

Through various arenas There are a variety of arenas to your disposal you will have a wide array of weaponry to win. Choose from a variety of maces, swords sticks, and other tools that are all more attractive than one to defeat your foes.


To master your character to the highest level, you’ll need to use both analogs and digitals to control your device as well. There’s no reason to deny that it will take some time to get familiar with before you’re capable of beaming any person who gets in your path.

Learn the basics of physics by taking into consideration your speed, your character’s weight and the weapon that you’ll be carrying in your possession. Since the former will be many, you will have plenty of options, and, as a consequence, you’ll have to adjust to each of the variables.

It’s situated in the middle of this delicious “bloody” chaos which you must turn your character around on himself and attempt to take out a large number of opponents until you take them out.

If you can get a bit of practice, you’ll quickly become an skilled player in playing in areas and the mechanics that comes with the sport will have none of the secrets you’ve been searching for. Even if it may seem complicated at first, remind yourself”War doesn’t spare one!”

The Attack!

Swordy currently has three game modes, which include:

  • Missions Choose from the basics of training to gain mastery of your character. You can also choose to take on the forest test and the word challenge and take on the enemies that stop you from achieving your goals.
  • Deathmatch Do not give your adversaries a chance beat you to victory.
  • “Last man standing” The name suggests, you can be the last one standing by destroying all your foes.
  • In anticipation of two additional game modes are not yet accessible Deathmacth Team and Sportsball
You can make your mark through four arenas that have different and diverse decorations and unpredictable weather Don’t be scared to make your opponent sweat during the torrential rain.
Are you unable to find any real players to take on? Don’t worry You can add some spice to your games by using up to four bots who will show no mercy to your bones.

While the available game options are varied, the basic idea remains the same. When an encounter commences, you should grab the weapon you have in your hand or the one you like most and smash it into the wall! A sort of Hunger Games that will seduce you with its uniqueness and excitement.

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