Super Meat Boy Forever Is Out On Steam. It’S Met With Poor Reviews.

The exclusivity contract for Epic Games Store for Super Meat Boy Forever was typical for one year. After exactly one year, the game wasn’t available on Steam (apparently, it didn’t want to coincide with the sale in winter) which means it was only released to the Valve store on January 10, 2022.

There will be discounts from January 13 to 13: 40% off for everyone and 10% discount for users who own the first Super Meat Boy. The starting price is 435 rubles. However, with discounts, it can be reduced to 218 rubles.

Reviews from players of Forever are mediocre at -48% as of the date of this article. It is criticized for not continuing to be a platformer and changing into an “auto runner” in which the player can run ahead independently. A lot of people are immediately disgusted by this. However, some gamers remind players that there’s the division of levels into plot and plots, bosses and “warp zones,” and the generation process is built on pre-designed segments, which means that the design of the levels is evident.

However, even the most favorable reviews usually acknowledge the fact that the Forever soundtrack was not clear – for instance the soundtrack is evidently less than the soundtrack made by Danny Baranowsky from The original Super Meat Boy.

In 2022 in 2022, Super Meat Boy Forever is scheduled to be released on mobile phones.

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