Super Mario series secrets and surprises

There aren’t many games worldwide that have the same acclaim like the Nintendo’s Super Mario. The beloved plumber is well-known to the world and the amount of games sold that he has contributed to is in the millions. It is evident that the case of such a popular series, it must not be kept a secret not being known to the public at large. Do you have all the characters? We recommend you go through it.

Even if you’re an avid enthusiast of the Mario universe, it’s possible that there are truths and secrets that haven’t been brought to your notice before. This is why we have a collection of Mario game secrets, old and brand new.


  • 1 Yoshi is part of Super Mario 64
  • 2 Bricks are alive
  • The 3rd Scariest Story Ever Told Of Kusalkin On Chains
  • 4 Star World
  • 5 events of Super Mario Bros. 3 could have been a possible production
  • 6 Multiple cameos in Super Mario RPG
  • 7. Mario has changed his last name numerous times
  • 8 Super Luigi Bros
  • 9. Beardo has been the only transgender transgender character in the history of video games.
  • 10 Mario was the first to have guns
  • 11. Siren Beach is an GameCube controller
  • 12 Minus World
  • 13. Super Mario Bros. 2 was not always an Mario game.
  • 14 The game’s original version can be played in five minutes
  • 15 Impossible Coin on the Tiny Giant Island in Super Mario 64

Yoshi is part of Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is one of the top Mario games, and is a favorite among fans. The game changed the face of 3D platformers, and offered players endless hours of enjoyment even though it was somewhat lonely. As he traveled through the castle of Princess Peach Mario seldom had to encounter any friends in his travels. There was however our old friend Yoshi.

If this comes as your surprise that’s not surprising because Yoshi was not there by chance. In the beginning, Mario was required to get all the stars from the game. After that, there was a chance to climb to the top of Peach Castle, using an armamentarium, and there Yoshi came to greet Mario. Yoshi would send Mario a message specifically by his creator Shigeru Miyamoto, instruct him on the triple jump with a gleaming display, and provide him with an extra 100 lives.

Bricks actually live!

In the first Super Mario Bros. breaking bricks with your head was an integral aspect of the game. However, did you know that there’s a shockingly tragic tale that lies behind them? The game’s rules state”that the Coops have entered the peaceful kingdom of the mushroom people and have turned them into bricks.

When that you tear out a brick in the game, you may cut off the life of a innocent person. But it’s a way to give him from eternal life in a deformed shape… When you’ve learned about the plot’s details and begin to see the events within the game differently. This is why studying the manuals can be helpful: how else would you know that?

The Scary Story of Kusalkin On Chains

Kusalkin On Chain is among the most terrifying enemies of the ones that appear regularly within games like the Mario video games. For many, he is the image of a dog tied to its chain and it’s not without reason. According to the research, the design and appearance of this creature was inspired through an accident that occurred to Shigeru Mishmoto when was a young child. A dog walked towards him and tried to bite him but the chain stopped the animal from coming close enough. Miyamoto was spared.

When he recalled this particular moment of the story, Miyamoto created Kusalkin and gave him characteristics of a dog, such as being able to bark as well as the manner of behavior expected of a dog that guards, which Kusalkin often displays.

Star World

Super Mario World for SNES was a huge game that had many things to do and a lot to explore. However, there was a area which only the most avid gamers, who wanted to play the game’s depths both up and down, could find.

People who sifted through endless searches for clues eventually came across five entry points into the known as Star World, where there were a variety of short levels as well as various kinds of Yoshi. Additionally in the event of finding a secret escape from that world you could be transported to a different world, called the Special World, which also featured additional levels. Imagine how many players were able to play Super Mario World, and the majority of them would have been missing the entire world.

The events in Super Mario Bros. 3 could have been part of a larger production

For a long time, the idea has been widely accepted by fans that the incidents that took place in Super Mario Bros. 3 were an amazing spectacle. Check it out The game begins with a curtain rising. the blocks aren’t hanging on the top of the curtain, they are the chains are either suspended or bolted on at the very top as well as the blocks for whatever reason cast shadows in the sky, making it appear as they’re not actually the sky it’s the background of the scene. It was clear that what was going on was just a stage show and that Mario wasn’t in danger.

The theory has become extremely well-known, and now Mario creator Shigeri Miyamoto confirmed that the story is real, and that those who participated in the game were simply spectators to the game. This is among the most well-known fan theories about the world of games, and it was proven to be correct as confirmed by the creator.

Many cameos in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG was the first game in the series made independently of Nintendo. This game that was ambitious and that was based on Mario’s world Mario universe was created through Squaresoft Studios. It had five playable characters, distinctive graphics, and a humorous sense of humor that made it a hit with players as well as critics.

Numerous appearances in the form of short cameos by characters from different universes are yet another of the game’s most loved features. In the course of the game, players will encounter a variety of popular figures that are from Nintendo as well as the Square Enix games, such as Link, Samus, and Donkey Kong.

Mario was a different name for him numerous times

We’ve all heard of and adore that hilarious plumber Mario But few people know that he wasn’t given his name immediately. In actuality the character was given several names before his creators decided on the one that we’ve all heard of. Miyamoto first referred to him “Mr. Video”, then he was named “Jumpman” during a time but after some more debate on what the game’s title should becalled, he was eventually renamed Mario that proved to be a excellent idea.

In in addition to his name, Mario also changed his role: appearing in different games, he wasn’t just a plumber, as well as a carpenter.

Super Luigi Bros

The game comes with a secret mode known as Luigi Bros, which is an actual version of Super Mario Bros with Luigi as the playable character. The game can be played by playing through World 8 in Super Mario World 3D or using the New Super Luigi U save file saved on the Wii U console.

Birdo is the transgender’s first person in video game history.

Birdo is among the most bizarre creatures within Mario the history of adventure. The humanoid pink monster first made an appearance during Super Mario Bros. 2 and has since been featured in the series of games. The character’s “career” within the series started as a rival to Mario however, he eventually became his Ally.

Because of his appearance, a lot of people believe it’s true that Birdo is a female counterpart of Yoshi However, Birdo isn’t. According to the guideline of Super Mario Bros. 2, Birdo is actually a boy who believes he’s a girl and would like to be one, this is the first transgender person not only in the series but also in the history of video games all over the world.

Mario was the first to have guns.

In a lot of games, it’s standard that the protagonist has any kind of weapon that is deadly however, Mario in the main part, doesn’t have any. But, things could have gone differently initially, Miyamoto would have liked his character to be arm-in-arm and that means that acting as Mario and the appearance of his character would be distinct.

The controls of Mario’s shooting Mario was also designed to differ from Super Mario Bros. in its final form. Super Mario Bros. The jump was initially located at one of the gamespad’s “up” button and The B button is used for acceleration, and the A button was for shooting. If it had been the same it would have resulted in the exact opposite series of games, which would result in a completely different effect on the industry of video games. However, it was as it did and instead of weapons that were permanent, Mario got fireballs, which he could fire when he picked up the boost.

Siren Beach is an controller for GameCube

Super Mario Sunshine was the second 3D platformer from the series, however it’s often overlooked. It was released for the GameCube in 2002. Although it wasn’t able to match the quality of its groundbreaking precursor Super Mario 64, it was nevertheless an enjoyable game to play. In addition, Sunshine wasn’t without a tiny hidden.

When you have a close glance at Siren Beach, you’ll see the sound The reason for this is that the position of the beach’s objects is similar to those buttons that are of the GameCube controller and the cones at the beach are identical to the design that the console has. It is best to view it from the hotel’s side. Look at the ocean and you’ll be able to see what we’re talking about.

Minus World

In all the time that it has been around, Super Mario Bros.has been playing millions of players have been able to play it and every single thing that could be found in the game has been discovered. Yet, many people are unaware of the hidden world glitch, that has been dubbed by fans”Minus world “Minus the world” (its title is derived from the wording used on the loading screen of the world – World 1).

In order to get there To get there, you must perform an order of specific actions, which is nearly impossible to accomplish in a hurry. Once you’re in the world in the first place, there’s no way back out (the final outcome is a bit tricky) which means you’re likely to eventually fall.

Super Mario Bros. 2 was not always an Mario game.

Super Mario Bros. 2 is among the top selling games ever, and it has had a significant impact on the game industry. Certain of its features became popular and then expanded into other games. Did you know that the original game was not about Mario?

It turned out that the first Super Mario Bros. 2 was too complicated, and developers needed to create something quickly. In the end they picked up this popular game Doki Doki Panic and adapted it to the characters and settings that are part of Mario’s Mario universe. So, the actual Super Mario Bros. 2 was only released in Japan and the rest of the world was given a mod to Doki Doki Panic, which was more enjoyable to play.

The game’s original version could be completed in just 5 minutes

Speedruns are a common method of playing games with a goal being to reach the end in the shortest possible time. There are a variety of games that are popular with speedrunners, however the first Super Mario Bros. is probably the most well-known of them all.

While the majority of us need several hours to finish the show However, some players are able to finish with less than five minutes! While watching them it is easy to doubt the situation however it is possible if you’re aware of the tiniest glitches and mistakes in code and are able to utilize them effectively. Other games from the franchise have attracted interest of the speedrunning community but the foundation of the series is an absolute gold standard for them.

The Impossible Coin on Tiny Giant Island in Super Mario 64

This is, perhaps, the most well-known of the games’ secrets as well as Easter egg hunts. You can find 191 coins within Super Mario 64 on Tiny Giant Island At leastthat’s what everybody believed until a player found another in 2002. However, that was not the end of the story.

The issue was that it on was difficult. For more than a decade players failed to succeed and the 1922nd Coin was dubbed “impossible”. It was the only coin that was impossible to obtain throughout the entire history of the game until one player succeeded in obtaining it in 2014 after executing the perfect timing of a jump. The issue that’s been in the minds of Mario fans for years now has an answer now.

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