Suicide Guy VR Review Review

Suicide Guy VR is another episode from Chubby Pixel’s bizarre suicide simulator, designed specifically for devices that support virtual reality. The positives and negatives of the game we discuss in a short review.

Suicide Guy Virtual.

  • Producer: Chubby Pixel
  • Publisher: Chubby Pixel
  • Date of release: 24 July 2020

Suicide Guy is difficult to believe even when it’s an indie game made by amateurs that is the case about all of the studio’s games. Nearly every one of their games is a psychedelic journey with a simple story and basic visuals. At times, their experiments with Chubby Pixel produce interesting outcomes. For instance, they were successful in their Woodle Tree dilation, and certain fans of violent video games adored the traditional, but not virtual Suicide Guy as well.

A main protagonist, the same loser with no name referred to as no other than Guy is sleeping in front of the television once more. On one hand is you have the remote controller, and in one (oh the horror!) an empty glass of beer. The bottle was already sliding through his slimy oily fingers, and was about to spill across the carpet. The man, who had already been transported by another nightmare to a fictional diner and then sees the news on television and realizes that it is time to wake up.

The tables of the restaurant are labeled and each table has a different type of object which represents a room as an jigsaw. While you engage with them, you is transported to a mystical place with simple, but usually physical, problems. The goal of each is to figure out a way to kill himself, so that you can see him finally awake.

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What I enjoyed about it

    • The levels differ from one another. They don’t sound like they echo anyhow, but levers or moving boxes can be found in several levels, however the scene and methods of suicide are always unique. From the elaborate climb up to the summit of the fortress to jump over the edge and then playing with those nerves that the ocean monster has, so that it takes us in and swallows us.
  • The atmosphere and picture of the game generally are pleasant. Despite the large number of harmful colours and uninspiring texture of the objects they are in, their design tends to be more appealing to the eyes rather than irritating. Additionally, on all the levels, there are radio stations playing music that go well to the game.
  • Suicide Guy includes various techniques. The players don’t just have to pick up and move objects as they attempt to solve a different puzzle, but they can also be sneaky, scrambley, hurl at, shoot and in one instance, drive a car. There’s enough to keep them busy to last between two and four hours of gameplay.

What I didn’t like about it

    • The game is awe-inspiring. And not even because it lacks the “tunnel sight” option. The player jumps from his seat extremely abruptly and is moving at a high speed and affecting the gameplay experience. You can change to teleportation whenever you like however, I think this method of movement is a bit outdated.


  • The man is a snobby kind of. The impression of being in his obese body, wearing dirty clothes that drip in sauce, doesn’t erase even the chance to pat his beer stomach. The protagonist constantly grumbles and throws a few slaps at the wrong places by hitting objects and his large hands aren’t the ideal tool to work with objects that interact.
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  • The most horrible localization to Russian is at the same level as the most ancient machine translation in which the term “Crouch” found in the manual of control could be translated to “Crouch” or “Am you dreaming?” changes to “Am you dreaming?” in the case of dreams. The movie Suicide Guy, this is exactly what happens.


Suicide Guy is a very particular game, and there are a lot developed for VR devices. If you’re not looking for a lot or are in the opposite, frustrated with the big projects like Valve, Respawn or Skydance likely will find a place to vent and will be happy to play for a couple of hours playing around with a virtual self.

Suicide Guy is a hit. Suicide Guy franchise has been shut down on the Steam Store for violating the rules, but I would not suggest that the game encourages suicide. Sure, it has a primary goal but the reality of the game is so absurd and funny that it isn’t in line to our current real world or in any manner.

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