Subnautica: Below Zero Test

Furthermore, Subnautica became the excellent escape game as the creators did not allow players like you free in the water as an underwater mambo that was supposed to track down anything that floated or bubbled in the abyssal seas of the planet 4546B, using an advanced Harpoon. The player was not Ned Land but Professor Arronax. It’s good that it stayed that way throughout Below Zero.

Do you prefer the bad news first or the positive news first?

The original Subnautica was not without flaws. Players had to contend with. Because of the unoptimized graphics engine and the shaky graphics engine, players had to contend with irritating pop-ups. Because of the long reload time and the rocky terrains, some gigantic corals appeared seemingly out of thin air. This was particularly frustrating when you were moving with the massive Cyclops research submarine, as the enormous hulk was able to get stuck in a rut. In this case, we could build an underwater bridge leading to Subnautica Below Zero. At present, the problems appear to be less frequent. However, they do continue to disturb the ambiance, which is quite attractive in its own right, in certain places.

For the small independent production company Unknown Worlds at the time, the decision might be forgiven in the wake of the enormous success of Subnautica. However, it is possible to have more expected from the sequel. Additionally, serious clipping mistakes allow players to see through the scenery into the infinity of waters in certain places. Sometimes, the characters swim in dry surroundings, or pieces of plants and fish float through titanium walls. The worst part is that Not all biomes are like this Arctic water zone, with numerous jellyfish with black and red eyes, one of which is looking towards the sky, which is a pathetic sight. The creatures and their habitat could also have been created in the days of Unreal and Duke Nukem 3D.

The main thing that stands out is the story

Subnautica was famous for its plot, as well as its enthrallingly gorgeous yet sinister underwater setting. The survival games were always solely about survival. Subnautica enhanced this by introducing an exciting narrative and creating a unique experience. It’s true that the character you had control over, Ryley Robinson, had no voice, like Gordon Freeman from Half-Life; there was no interaction with other survivors, simply because there weren’t any other survivors. But it was due to this that the sensation of being alone as an ethereal Robinson Crusoe on an alien planet became more pronounced, and audio recordings, radio transmissions, and database entries created an unfinished story that ultimately put the protagonist bound to a free leash.

Below Zero, in Below Zero, your female alter-ego, Robin Ayou, is finally given a role to speak. Because the story is an integral aspect of the overall experience of Subnautica Below Zero, we’re not willing to reveal too much away at this time. But, this is known that the strong Alterra Corporation operates several science stations on the celestial body. Being part of the research team, your sister Samantha is believed to have died in an accident. However, the messages that Sam continued to send make you doubt the truthfulness of the tale.

You set off on the planet of another to search for her. Instead of being stuck in tropical regions as you were in the initial part the second time, you’ll be in the polar region. Land excursions are more frequent and frequent in game than in the previous one, in which dry ground under your feet was relatively uncommon. They are not just beautiful and refreshing, but they provide gameplay challenges that await you. In frigid temperatures, it is not just necessary to be aware of the signs of hunger and thirst like usual, but you also need to pay attention to your body temperature. On the way, you’ll want to cozy in front of warming plants, move around in front of geysers, or eat sweet fruits to warm yourself up.

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It’s a great visual and makes a perfect new feature for the gameplay. If we’re walking across the land in a roaring blizzard of the dark, looking for a refugee cave, and the lamp’s cone emits white flakes in our faces, the similar Subnautica experience is felt 200 meters underwater, with almost full oxygen tanks. However, it is easy to see it was created for the wet elements. The terrain is rough, with ice walls continuously limiting the game’s progress. It’s a bit choppy and difficult to pinpoint.

The land of not-so-cool rocket Worms

The supposedly good-hearted Alterra corporation offers us an electric hoverbike; the bike only serves one function: to warm the seats. If we push ourselves around on that hoverbike, our bums are heated to a comfortable temperature. This takes the fear of the white death. However, as it is known,, the snow fox is so unpleasant to steer that we’d prefer to walk in slippers. It is always stuck, spongily pushes in the wrong direction, drifts in the wrong direction, or even tilts.

The worst part is that there’s a Leviathan-type monster constantly attacking from beneath the ice in some of the ice zones as the sandworms do on the planet of deserts Dune. It’s only within the ice. There is a sound of moving and roaring behind you, and you’re taken off the bike with no motion. If you look around, you may – if lucky – be able to see the worm make a run through the ice. However, there are times when you’ll also be pushed or injured without seeing any sign of it. Since the valleys within the ice biomes are very narrow, and there are obstacles everywhere, the worm gets constantly encased and cannot be free like other leviathans. To allow a creature of this size to function, an extensive, flat expanse of ice is required, which the person would need to cross. It would have to be several kilometers. In that case, the Snowfox motorcycle would have been a good choice and helpful.

Friendly flora and fauna, but a gruesome one?

Similar to its predecessor, the layout of the ecosystem and the creatures that live there is the most spectacular part of Subnautica below Zero. While you’re now in a more frigid zone of planet 4546B, fauna and flora have not lost any of their vibrant colors. You’ll be amazed as you gaze out from the dome in the front of your submarine and cannot take your eyes off the beautiful marine life and the glowing corals. Nearly all creatures have bioluminescent characteristics at night and deep depths. The ocean, therefore, is illuminated by the most stunning light.

As in the original version, most creatures present the player with a mystery on the first encounter. For instance, when you are in bliss over the friendly sea goblins, it’s best to be aware of your equipment, or else it’ll be taken. Since they store stolen items in their nests, they can retrieve them, but after coming across them, you’ll be able quickly to collect the blueprints needed to build yourself by scanning your looted Alterra tool. You’re not the only one to suffer this occurs. However, some tasty plants look so terrifying that you can’t even be around them with the terror for your life. If you see a creature with big sharp, flashy fangs, it’s recommended to keep it at a distance of about an inch.

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What is the location of my Cyclops?

Naturally, Unknown Worlds wants to enrich the existing content with various developments in a brand new spin-off. But, in the end, you don’t need to be served the same bubble fish that has been reheated in the factories. The sea moth’s agile nature and the gigantic submarine Cyclops, have been sucked into Red Pencil. The Sea Moth continues to exist in the brand new sub Sea Rail, but the Cyclops is no longer on the map.

The sea Lane (sea truck to use English) has recently been customizable in bricks. This is beneficial because you can choose the size yourself. You can, for instance, connect an aquarium to automate fishing or build a factory-built module for the road. The crab suit can be docked via compartments. With each new module, you will be able to increase the underwater camping vehicle’s capabilities. The more trailers attached to the sea, the more sluggish it’ll get.

Sea Railway Sea Railway should replace the giant submarine known as Cyclops shortly. It’s a shame, as we see during the test. First, the sea lane isn’t easy to control because the cameras on the outside for the overview aren’t present. The experience of traveling through the unexplored terrain as an officer on the ship’s bridge cannot be experienced through Sea Railway. Sea Railway. Also, you get your feet stuck on a few of the compartments that are transitions on the board. The two-story Cyclops provided a lot more legroom and could be fitted with personal touches such as houseplants, closets, and sleeping quarters. In Subnautica below Zero, you’ll have to live with the compartments that could be built separately.

Don’t spill the beans; instead, make sure you’re prepared!

The minor benefits of the sea lane could perhaps entice the player to construct a larger base. It turns out to be very extensive and leaves nothing left to be desired by the novice builder within you. There is a myriad of components and parts. Every outpost you encounter on your journey must be scrutinized with all that’s nailed. Base construction blueprints that are sought-after are the rewards. The roof’s bioreactor and the photovoltaic system are being reintroduced to provide your base with electricity.

The uncountable gasoline station.

Exploring new biomes continues to be the main focus of Subnautica, the game below Zero. It’s already an enjoyable experience to dive deeper into fantastic worlds, discovering new objects and expanding the story. In the first game, you were hindered from exploring due to various dangers oxygen supply was the most significant issue – the sequel is more challenging with many life-saving options.

When you decided to investigate crashed spaceships, you’d frequently have to venture into the unknown. The lack of oxygen and swathing disorientated in a tangled room was not the ideal combination. Only after a series of upgrades to oxygen tanks that had much greater capacity was the issue solved little by little and you could explore. Investigate. It works similarly to Subnautica The game below Zero However, it gives you chances all over the world to increase your air supply by a couple of minutes, even at the depths of the ocean. Hole fish and oxygen flowers are too regular to cause an air-shortness situation.

The diving is oversimplified for me. It’s certainly enjoyable to spot the saver bloomer at the end of the tunnel to survive. But it’s a bit silly when you regularly come across these gas stations. Mainly when you investigate a ship’s wreck and discover the life-saving plants inside almost every rusty building there. Moving through the game isn’t as enjoyable as the first one.

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