Submerged Hidden Depths Review Review

In these times of turmoil, You want a lot of relaxation, to escape to the warm sun, the soft waves, and the gentle breeze whisper. For example, Submerged: Hidden Depths, a video game Submerged: Hidden Depths, allows you to discover the beautiful submerged world. If it’s feasible for players to “drown” in the game, we will discuss in our review.

  • Producer: Uppercut Games
  • Publisher: Uppercut Games
  • The release date is 3 December 2020 Google Stadia, March 10 2022 – PC PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XS

Submerged Hidden Depths is a game that follows two sisters exiled from their homes due to the curse (and an offer simultaneously) from a young girl, which makes the world around them bloom. It can help the protagonist overcome the terrible black plague, yet at the same time, the brother is worried about the potential impact of the gift on its owner.

The story may entice enthralled people. However, it doesn’t offer something new while the protagonists’ stories don’t touch any heart’s chords. A lot of the significance of the work is the exploration of the gorgeous area, which is a partially submerged city, islets, and islands between which the characters travel through the water by boat.

When they leave their central point, the swimmers wander around the region with a snooper’s eye looking for exciting places, and swim towards them. Here you will find helpful enhancements and directions for transportation for climbing to the top of the hill, which is part of the map to look for the remnants of information on the circumstances. However, the most important thing is to obtain specific seeds and then use them to revive whole regions destroyed by the attacks.

The game allows players to move around a vast area. Areas with seeds are accessible at any time. If you wish to, you can abandon the primary mission and simply enjoy the scenery – Submerged Secret Depths is a stunning landscape and stunning sunsets. There are places where you can glimpse the financials of this game and how the designers could not handle the unpleasant staters, but you’ll forget about it after you have climbed up to the summit of the tower with a panoramic view of more than half of the game’s world.

When you’re playing taking in the surroundings is the only thing to do in this game. There are no battles to fight in Submerged The Hidden Depths, and the local resemblance to parkour is not a match for Prince of Persia or the Assassin’s creed game: characters crawl and climb over surfaces and don’t fall or be injured by any means. On the other hand, the puzzles to find the path are easy, and I consider saying the game “rail” as straight is the island’s exploration area.

Additionally, the game does not have a long duration. If you do not focus on collecting or other tasks and focus on the main goal and finish the game, you’ll reach the final in more than 3 hours. Be busy collecting – and you’ll get twice as much time. However, during the second hour, you’ll likely start rewinding boring animations. These play while performing routine tasks, such as collecting trash from fishing in the ocean.

In a sense, Submerged: Hidden Depths helped me get rid of my troubles and let me relax while playing in a gorgeous space and doing amazing things with the main character’s hands. But, I cannot say the game is exceptional – it’s just a walk-through without any challenging. It’s a good choice for relaxing however don’t expect anything better.

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