Studio Ryza 2 Test

Stories of bravery, cuddly monsters, love for friends, and puzzles that need to be solved can be familiar to every role-playing game of this very Japanese creation. However, when paired with the excellent music score, the need to accumulate a wide variety of objects and the ability to solve any issue as the central aspect of The Atelier games are a source of inner happiness.

New adventures await!

The good vibe is displayed in Atelier Ryza 2 in the initial minutes, when Ryza, the protagonist named after Ryza, embarks on possibly her most excellent adventure to Royal Capital Ashra-am Baird. Inspiring a lot of interest, she set off with her new and old friends to the ruin that lies outside the city. They appear to be connected to alchemy somehow, so who else to investigate this than Ryza, who has not only been able to master the art in the initial portion?

From her home country, Ryza has also brought an unidentified black stone that quickly proves to be an embryo where a mysterious mythical creature emerges. The cute creature can only communicate via “Fi. Filii Fifiii” The animal is named Fi and is a constant team member. The ruins are next to it. Fi is most likely the greatest hidden treasure of the story since it appears like it absorbs light. Massive glowing crystals lose their shine when Fi gets close to them and is bathed in luminescence. I’m wondering what this is all about

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You can take it all with you

As with most role-playing games, your path is filled with various challenges and enemies. Atelier Ryza 2 is loosely inspired by the combat system used in the first game, so players of the series are sure to discover their way quickly. The sequel’s real-time tactical method has been revamped and allows players to stop enemy attacks and the regular use of weapons directly attacking weapons. This is an excellent feature that adds some depth to the fights.

Alongside money and experience points, you’ll get various items from battles, Some of which you can only obtain. Others can be found in towns or harvested during your journeys across the globe. Harvesting might seem like a weird term for collecting objects, but it has a rationale: Ryza carries various tools designed for multiple things. In addition, specific loot slots can be used with other harvesters.

Remember to take everything that you can get your hands on! You can put everything in your studio and then brew it into valuable objects within the Alchemy Cauldron. To accomplish this, you first need to discover a recipe for the desired item on a skill-based board before mixing it all up within the pot. Alchemy might seem difficult at first; however, don’t worry that an automated button will handle most of the work.

Master of Alchemy

If you’re looking to tackle it yourself, spend some time learning the art of alchemy. To create the final product, different elements of an element are put together. The piece itself has an important role, but what matters is its quality, properties, and the aspect it’s a part of. In most cases, you will have a greater variety of objects that can be used. Consider carefully what you’d like to leave behind and what you might need in the future.

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If you cannot give the alchemy-made items you have made to an individual, you may carry them out into the ruins and use them for weapons or to heal. In the caves that are a long way from civilization, There is a new feature for you that isn’t present in the previous version: Ryza’s Compass. It will reveal how to find clues to unravel the mystery of every ruin.

Find and connect clues

The process of collecting these clues is comparable in terms of simplicity and ease to looting items; however it becomes more complex afterward as you write them down in a diary, you need to be able to correctly put together the stories snippets you discover using clues you find to unravel the secrets of the wreckage. In addition, because the Atelier areas are sadly required to do with German sub-titles, it could be a problem for non-natives.

The game is subtitled Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy; Atelier Ryza 2 continues the story of the young Ryza playing on PS4, Switch, and PC.

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