Streets of Rage 4 guide – how to unlock bonus and classic characters

The game Streets of Rage 4 you have the chance to unlock 13 characters that have individual sprites as well as their own set of punches from earlier installments within the game series. They’re all cool You can unlock those classic Axel, Blaze, and even the insane doctor. Gilbert Zahn. To unlock these classic characters you’ll need to accumulate lots of points.

What do these points mean? They are earned by everything you take part in during the game. When you perform cool combos or finishing levels with higher scores you’ll earn a substantial bonus. All game modes increase as you progress, and when you’ve crossed certain thresholds, you’ll gain access to more characters.

This guide will inform you all you should be aware of in order to earn points, and which character you are able to unlock to earn points. It’s worth the effort to get the “high scores”.

How do I unlock secret characters?

The accumulation of a certain number of points allows players to unlock characters from earlier Streets of Rage installments. There are 13 characters. Points are awarded for completing combinations and for finishing levels. Points from every mode add up, so regardless of the game you play you’ll always add to the total points.

You can earn bonus points through playing different modes, completing levels using new characters, selecting an easier difficulty level and achieving a higher score after each stage. Try to play as numerous times as you can.

The score for a level is determined by the remaining health points left at time of completion, time elapsed duration, and the amount of stars remaining. If you do not spend the stars you earned on Superstrikes you’ll earn additional points towards the conclusion of each level.

Unlockable characters list:

  • Adam Hunter: Complete Chapter 4
  • Axel Stone (SoR1): Complete 200,000 points
  • Adam Hunter (SoR1) Score 250,000 points
  • Blaze Fielding (SoR1): score 310,000 points
  • Max Thunder (SoR2): score 390,000 points
  • Axel Stone (SoR2) Score 480,000 points
  • Blaze Fielding (SoR2): score 570,000 points
  • Skate Hunter (SoR2): get 650,000 points
  • Axel Stone (SoR3) Score 730,000 points
  • Blaze Fielding (SoR3): score 840,000 points
  • Skate Hunter (SoR3): score 940,000 points
  • Dr. Gilbert Zahn (SoR3): score 150,000 points
  • SoR3 (SoR3): score 1,150,000 points

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