Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Test

The locations of Stranger of Paradise are Final Fantasy oriented: one moment, we’re in the capital city of the royal family of Cornelia, while the next moment, we’re in a pirate’s quay or navigating through an air fortress that is full of energy barriers and automated turrets. Fans who have been playing for a long time and who have played the game will be able to recognize numerous locations and enemies. For example, the great Kaktor is a tiny plant that could smack us down in a single attack – could be mentioned as one of many.

Skills, Classes and Soul Crushers

In terms of the combat system, combat veterans need to be accustomed to combat. There is no doubt that recent games in the series, such as Final Fantasy XV or Final Fantasy VII Remake, depend on action and speed during combat. However, Stranger of Paradise is not as similar to these titles and more reminiscent of Nioh, which is not surprising that the Souls-like game is also out of Team Ninja. But there’s no reason to feel intimidated by this. With different difficulty levels, players and beginners can enjoy the combat.

The battles get more complicated as the story develops. As time passes, new classes and new skills are introduced, which can be combined to make unique combos that make any opponent dust. In addition, it is possible to mix the capabilities of different classes; for instance, the Berserker Axe could be given the ability to poison, which is a part of the Rogue. With the help of magical spells and other special skills, we take away the power of foes and then make them go on the hunt with the deadly finisher known as Soulbreaker.

However, we should always be aware of what strengths we have in our adversaries. It is essential to be cautious as the many monsters can destroy us by taking just a few attacks. The soul shield plays an essential role for defense as its projectiles are blocked and thrown back to the attackers.

Claiming bosses

Combat systems reach their highest when bosses are involved. The simple act of advancing and striking will not result in victory. Only a continuous observation and understanding of the opponent’s actions will bring you to your goal. For instance, Kali uses her gaze to transform Jack into stone. Then, she attempts to take him down using her tail and the six swords. We only see tiny swathes of land against the beast in the initial attempt. However, with each effort, we improve at avoiding its attacks and attacking its weak spots. When we’ve identified the strategy after a while, it’s time to change the tide, and the boss receives an awry kick in the back. It’s a great feeling!

Our two companions do a great job as well. They keep their enemies entertained as they take an aggressive approach at the push of an arrow and employ special abilities that can hurt regular enemies and bosses. In addition, they will unlock new classes in time, giving players more options to personalize their gameplay. So AI fighters are a good substitute if there aren’t any human fighters on the market.

Technical problems

While it is fun to smash through the enemy army, The level design can be boring. Many corners, like within The Forest of Darkness, look similar. You’ll be perplexed if you’re not blessed with an above-average sense of direction in this area. There’s no map. We walked around in circles, like a blind chicken, repeatedly.

But, other small issues are annoying. Inventory that is filled in a way too fast, even though it has 500 slots and the usual disposal of equipment that isn’t needed, becomes very exhausting as the game progresses. This is also true of the blacksmith’s visit. The items to be removed are to be picked, each one by one.

Beyond that, there’s nothing to gain from exploring the diverse regions. Except new equipment that is practically thrown at us as well as a few paragraphs about the history behind the game and the background story, there’s nothing to learn about. The side missions are somewhat dull. They guide us through familiar territory, and we are required to take on five pirates, for instance – and that’s all it takes.

Unfortunately, the technical aspect that is Stranger of Paradise doesn’t leave the best impression also. When we speak to the residents of Cornelia, we look at faces that lack facial expressions and are like a piece of bread. Also, the lighting is off: Though bright areas are usually overexposed, they are typically so dark in the deep caves that nothing is visible. In addition, blurring and edge flickering can be seen.

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