STRAFE, STRAFE and glitter

The game was created because of the success of a crowdfunding campaign, which surpassed the sum of $207 000 on Kickstater and the target was $185 000. You’ve probably heard about this game if you are a fan of FPS, which has its retro PUB and humor. With graphics that smack the 90s and fast gameplay, STRAFE could be compared to Quake and Quake; however, it includes an enormous rogue-like element. The levels are randomly created after this short introduction to reveal what this game has to offer.

The process begins with a brief introduction, and you don’t need to go through it, but it’s certainly worth it. A woman, who has B-movie voiceovers, explains that we’re going to be a Scavenger (a space sanitation worker). )… There’s no job that’s too difficult, so it’s with pride that we take care of our space station. It’s true that the lady is kind and advises us to be cautious… But, it’s the perfect time to begin this adventure, even it is a bit difficult if I’m missing the instructional lady!

We’re finally inside the spaceship, and we have a significant choice available to us. We are given the option of choosing between three weapons Well, I had thought of having the salamander, but it’s not there. We have three guns: a shotgun, a gun firearm, and a railgun. These toys will be with us throughout the journey (12 levels), and after a lengthy moment of reflection (approximately two seconds), I picked my trusted friend; I called the shotgun after I teleported and finally arrived in the first of the complex. It’s like the 90s, big pixels pull at our screens and I’m giddy to the point of a carpet show. Heads start flying off in all directions, leaving blood trails all over the place, and I can recover a lot of scrap metal, which could be used to create currency. It’s like being gods, extremely quick and well-armed, and the first monsters fly like flies. The feeling is fantastic, and I’m able to say STRAFE’s side will not let you down! Pixel Titans have concocted a powerful music track for!!

Once we’ve collected enough scrap metal, we use it to play the levels that lie between two groups of monsters. Upgrades are quite costly, and we’ll need to put on the blue to purchase the appropriate equipment. The magic works, and we’re back in the year 1996, but like in every fairy tale, the magic lasts only for a short time. Rogue-Like is willing to help, you’ll have to repeat the process. The waves of monsters, becoming more numerous, will make you exhausted. I didn’t cut World 5, and I’m not happy about that. HOWEVER, what I was shocked by, to my surprise is the level of difficulty that fluctuates all the time. I was able to complete 3 worlds in a matter of 10 minutes while others took more than 20 minutes therefore, there’s still to be a lot of work on this aspect to ensure that the difficulty grows gradually and isn’t a blizzard in the spring with no warning. If you’re lacking skills, I may be able to tell you that you can’t do more than I did. You’ll have to conquer small progress and gradually advance to be capable of claiming the top levels. It’s a big task for a slick FPS.

When the magic wears off, our eyes cease to blink in awe at these clumps of pixels, and our ears cease to pay attention to the lively music; what’s left with? Honor and pride! “After each stage, you’ll get an airlock in which you’ll be able to see your proficiency by counting the number of creatures that were sent to Hell as well as the number of headshots you’ve taken and the number of secrets, etc. What? What secrets? Yes, indeed, anyone who claims to be DOOM-like reveals secrets which are not always easy to locate. If the game is boring because of its complex nature and complexity, you return to it whenever you can get better, return to the past, or simply because of a desire to release some steam. Call of Duty and Battlefield lover If you’re a Call of Duty or Battlefield fan, go ahead, but STRAFE isn’t for those who are not able to get any enjoyment from it. For the old-timers, even though it has its flaws, you’ll be amazed to get yourself involved in the action and then go back to the very first FPS. A special mention goes to the intro that is perfect. I hope to see the lovely lady again shortly…

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