Store Gog Returns To Its Roots And Focuses On Good Old-Fashioned Games

The GOG website began as Good Old Games, a good old-fashioned gaming store that allowed you to purchase classics that were bearded legally. Then GOG owners attempted to make the catalog more modern and began to put new releases on the shelves. They’re now bringing GOG back to its original design.”

“We aim to make GOG remain the most reputable spot for old PC game titles,

This return roots of the game aren’t completely certain. GOG provides one specific example. The store employees at GOG have introduced the label Good Old Game to mark the games they believe to be classics of the past. Today, there are over 400 projects in the tag.

We’re reminded what GOG used to do for games from the past before:

  • The technical fixes were implemented to ensure that the game ran smoothly on modern platforms. For instance, in certain games, GOG utilized specific version of its DOSbox emulator designed for specific games.
  • The GOG team worked on resolving legal issues that hindered older games from being included in digital stores. For example, the efforts led to the first Diablo, Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, Deus Ex, and System Shock being posted on the store.
  • The GOG website has interviews with the developers of classics and other information regarding old games. Also, some products offer bonuses guides, wallpapers and conceptual art, and much more. Good quality bonuses can be obtained through cooperation with games historians from The Video Game History Foundation.

In parallel with news of the return to its roots, The Wheel of Time -a shooter released in 1999 inspired by books from the Wheel of Time books-was released through GOG. This is yet another instance to show how the GOG team managed to pull the game from a legal impasse and spiced it up by making a variety of technological enhancements (in cooperation together with Nightdive). Then, they sold the game with the bonus manual and arranged to interview one of its game developers.

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